Germany is rethinking it's foreign policy after being burned by over reliance on Russia for gas.

The Chancellor told the lower house of Germany's parliament that the energy and trade policy had led to one-sided dependence on Russia and China.

Germany, an industrial powerhouse and Europe's biggest economy, is reliant on piped natural gas from Russia.

Europe's largest economy is racing to build more essential infrastructure to speed up the shift away from Russian natural gas by building more important infrastructure.

The policy of Russia has taught it a lesson.

The mistake of dependence with Russia won't happen again, according to the man.

Robert Habeck, the country's economic minister, told a news conference in Paris that Berlin will limit investment support for German companies doing business in China. According to a report in September, Berlin is working on a new trade policy with China to reduce dependence on Chinese raw materials.

China has been Germany's largest trading partner for six years in a row.

The economy ministry had proposed to curb investment into China.

The head of the business alliance said that they could only warn against Germany turning away from China.