Musk brought Donald Trump back to his account after a user poll, and he may do the same with other suspended accounts.

Musk floated the idea of allowing suspended users to return to the platform in a single wave.

If the suspended accounts have not broken the law or engaged in egregiousspam, should they be given a general pardon? More than 1.7 million people have voted, with 71.9% voting yes and 28.1% voting no.

It's not clear how many accounts have been suspended and how long they've been shut down.

Musk has had two polls on suspended accounts. He started a poll asking if Donald Trump should be allowed to return to the platform. More than 15 million people voted in that poll, with more than half of them voting to keep Trump in office.

The account of Trump was restored by Musk. Two years ago, he was kicked off of the social networking site for inciting his followers to storm the Capitol. Soon after he founded Truth Social, he began to use it to communicate.

Speaking virtually at the Republican Jewish Coalition's annual leadership meeting last weekend before the poll results were in, Trump said he wasn't interested in reverting to his old habits. He said that it might make it or it might not make it.

Musk said last month that there would be no major decisions before the council was formed. A large coalition of political/ social activist groups agreed not to try to killTwitter by starving us of advertising revenue if I agreed to this condition. The deal was broken by them.