The suspected Colorado shooter is in court.

Anderson Lee Aldrich, who appeared bloodied and bruised, with significant damage to their face, appeared on video for the judge to hear the case. Aldrich will be back in court on December 6 after only a few minutes with the judge.

The public defender for Aldrich says in legal documents that their client will be referred to as Mx. In the future, Aldrich. It is the first time that Aldrich claims to be part of the LGBT community.

It doesn't look like Aldrich has ever identified as non-binary in the past. We've seen as much as we can. Aldrich has never used these words. Many are wondering if this could be a way to avoid federal hate crime charges.

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Notices of whether law enforcement has accessed their electronics and/or social media is one of the things Aldrich is requesting.

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Aldrich wants other private records to remain sealed, including medical and/or mental health treatment. Aldrich and their counsel are demanding to know what the government has accessed of theirs so far, and to provide any waivers of release they claim to have obtained from Aldrich.

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Aldrich wants any personal material that can receive confidentiality and privilege under Colorado law to be kept out of the public eye. The hearing will be streamed to see if the judge weighs in.

They have been charged with five counts of murder and five counts of bias-motivated crime causing bodily injury.