The word "processed" is no longer considered a slur.

Most of us think of cheap junk when we say "processed food" You can get fresh food from the garden or the field. We have removed its halo qualities and added a bunch of bad ones after putting it through a processing plant or laboratory. Meat replacements are not as good as junk food.

This perspective isn't long-sighted. Billions of people won't be fed a healthy diet without food processing. The planet can't afford the backlash against processing.

There are benefits to processed food.

Coca-Cola, Dairy Milk chocolate, and ready meals are just some of the processed foods. Most plant and animal products are converted into something that we can eat. We use flour to make bread. Animals are deboned to get meat. Milk is pasteurized.

Many of the benefits of processed food are forgotten quickly. Increased risks of stillbirths and miscarriages, significant reductions in IQ, and reduced cognitive development are all caused by iodized salt being deficient in iodine. Many countries have eliminated the deficiency of salt with the addition of iodine. We have been able to address a number of other micronutrient deficiencies with the addition of nutrition to food.

We've been able to increase the shelf life of food. The spread of diseases has been reduced. A balanced diet is now available for people with food allergies and sensitivities. It is important for the educational and career development of women that we do not prepare food. It's the last thing, taste. Great-tasting foods can be found on our shelves.

Ultra-processed food is often talked about when people talk aboutprocessed food. The snacks and meals are designed to last longer and be easier to digest. Sugar and fat are added to food to make it taste better. These combinations are described as addictive by many people.

Ultra-processed food has been associated with poor health outcomes. It has been associated with less consumption of essential vitamins. We are more likely to be overweight if we eat more of these foods. We are at higher risk of health conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It's easy to overconsume ultra-processed food.

They are higher in calories, sugar, and fat. They aren't as full because they're lower in the vitamins we need to stay full.

This isn't inherent to food processing Corporations add something to our food. If they want to, they can make healthier food.

There's a growing backlash against meat replacements.

Meat Substitutes is one area where there is a lot of backlash against processing.

Soy-based sausages,Impossible and Beyond Meat burgers, Quorn, and lab-grown meat are some of the plant-based meats that are included in these products.