The EufyCAM 3 is the most accomplished camera system from Eufy yet, with a combination of features that will make it the top of many wish lists. The smart home security brand has always offered local storage and a subscription-free model, but this is its first security camera that can reliably recognize faces and do not connect to the cloud. This could be the camera you've been waiting for.

The EufyCam 3 has built-in solar panels to keep it fully charged, it has crisp and detailed 4K footage, and it has onboard artificial intelligence that can identify subjects and even faces. Adding a hard drive to the Homebase 3 hub will allow it to hold up to 16 terabytes of data. All this costs a lot. The two-camera kit is more expensive than the three-camera kit.

The danger is stranger.

Simon Hill sent Eufy.

Let's deal with the headline feature first. You can tag faces in the app with the help of Eufy's machine- learning artificial intelligence. When it recognizes a face, the name pops up in the alert on your phone; when it doesn't, it says a person has been detected. You can help train the system by taking a new photo, or by manually adding familiar faces.

You can tell if your kids are coming home or not with the help of BionicMind. When a stranger was flagged, I only bothered to look at the videos. The system requires a clear look at the faces of people to identify them.

If someone is wearing a hat, has their hood up, or passes the camera quickly without looking directly at it, BionicMind can't identify them. The Eufy cam 3 is not the fastest camera to use. The recordings began with someone halfway through the picture. I have only been testing for a few weeks, but it has grown more accurate. The hit rate at correctly identifying me has improved since it has multiple images.

Notifications with names attached are comforting to family and friends. It is possible to find anything you might need to investigate with the help of face recognition and filters.

The EufyCAM 3 has people, pet, and vehicle detection. You can modify the detection sensitivity to fit your location. In a month of testing, I have only had two false positives, one of which was a close-up of my cat climbing the fence.

Simon Hill sent Eufy.