According to multiple reports, a Texas judge ordered Alex Jones to pay more than 45 million dollars in damages for promoting false conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

Newtown Shooting Infowars

The trial for the Sandy Hook defamation will take place in Connecticut. In this photo provided by Hearst Media Connecticut, Tyler Sizemore is in a pool.

Hearst Connecticut Media

Jones has been ordered to pay the parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim $4.1 million in compensation, but the judge said he must pay $45.2 million in additional damages.

According to the New York Times, Gamble questioned the constitutionality of a Texas law which caps the amount of damages in certain cases.

It is not known if Jones' team will appeal or take other legal action.

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The parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims filed defamation lawsuits against Jones after he lied about the shooting. Jones has been ordered to pay over a billion dollars for his claims about the shooting. According to Bernard Pettingill Jr., Jones has a net worth of up to $270 billion. Jones' assets were temporarily frozen by a Connecticut judge because he was suspected of "looting" his estate and hiding money in shell companies to avoid paying damages.


Several formerly banned accounts, such as former President Donald Trump's, have been re-instated recently, but Jones will not be allowed back on the platform. Musk replied to a user who asked for Jones to be allowed back.

Alex Jones probably doesn't have a lot of money. He owns five homes in Texas. There is a magazine called "Forbes."

Alex Jones faces over $1 billion in damages for spreading Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, and a judge has frozen his assets.

A jury has ordered Alex Jones to pay $45 million in damages.