The fleet of shared e-bikes and scooters will have a second life thanks to a partnership between the company and a battery recycling company.

The deal is noteworthy due to the fact that it is the largest electric bike-share operator in North America thanks to its bike-share business. According to the company, Citi Bike was the 25th most ridden transit network in the US.

Jeffrey "JB" Straubel was a co- founder and former chief technology officer ofTesla. Redwood recycles EV batteries from Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Specialized, Amazon, and others.

It is noteworthy since it is the largest electric bike share operator in North America.

The Nissan Leaf's batteries are nearing the end of their lifespan and need to be recycled. Most of the e-waste in the US is shipped to developing countries to be recycled, but that is only one part of the story.

The deal is about making sure that the huge, nationwide fleet of electric bikes and scooters don't end up in a landfill at the end of their lifespan.

"We really tried to close the loop and recycle all of our bikes and scooters, directing either components to specialized recyclers, and batteries to partners that can process them and put them back."

The partnership will work like this: Lyft will recover e-bike batteries through its operations teams, and then send them to the facility in Northern Nevada. The first thing to do is figure out how much of the battery is recycled.

We tried to recycle all of our bikes.

A chemical recycling process will begin after that, in which it strips out and refines the relevant elements. The refined material can be used to make batteries.

According to Jackson Switzer, senior director of business development at Redwood, each e-bike battery is around 0.2kWh, as compared to an EV battery of 65kWh. We have enough battery metals to make a new EV battery.

Developing nations lack the infrastructure for safe processing of e-waste, which is why companies send it overseas to be recycled. This has led to a disaster.

The company says it does all of its recycling domestically. All of the company's clients are invited to come to the facility and look at the entire process.