There is a schedule update for Singapore Airlines in the years to come. Good news for Australia and bad news for the US.

Singapore pulls A380s from USA, shifts them to Australia

Singapore Airlines has a daily A380 flight to the US. The flight from Singapore to New York is on the SQ25/26 frequencies. This is a fun way to fly between Germany and the United States.

Soon that will change. On May 15, 2023, Singapore Airlines will replace the A380 with a Boeing 777-300ER on the New York and Cologne routes. Since this was the only way to get to North America with the Singapore Airlines A380, we will no longer see A380 service from the airline.

The A380 is being taken off the route. The airlines sees more demand for these planes in the South Pacific At the same time that the A380 is pulled from the New York route, Singapore Airlines will add a second daily A380 service toSydney and a daily A380 service toMEL.

The A380 has only been on the New York route for 13 months since Singapore Airlines resumed service in March of 2022. I am not surprised that this change has happened. Due to Singapore Airlines having multiple daily nonstop flights between New York and Singapore, there's only so much demand for the service. Up to three A380s are required for a single daily service.

Say goodbye to Singapore Suites on the New York route!

What does this mean for passengers?

There is a comparison between the layout of the A380 and the plane.

  • The A380 has 475 seats spread across four cabins; this includes six first class suites, 82 business class seats, 44 premium economy seats, and 343 economy seats
  • The 777 has 264 seats, spread across four cabins; this includes four first class seats, 48 business class seats, 28 premium economy seats, and 184 economy seats

The capacity difference is large but what about the quality of the product?

First class is the largest difference. The carrier's premium first class product is the A380. The six seats are spread across three rows. It is one of the best products in the world.

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites
Singapore Airlines A380 Suites

The four seats in Singapore's first class are spread across a single row. This is a great product, but it doesn't have the same wow factor.

Singapore Airlines 777 first class

It isn't good for awards to see first class capacity cut. It wasn't much to begin with, but having four makes it even more difficult. Many of us got to experience the amazing A380 Suites product over the past year, as the airline opened the award floodgates in late 2021,

The difference is small in business class. The A380 business class in Singapore is perfect.

Singapore Airlines A380 business class

The business class in Singapore is 1-2-1. The bones aren't as advanced as a seat.

Singapore Airlines 777 business class

Both planes have the most comfortable cabins you can find in economy.

Bottom line

The A380 service will be discontinued by Singapore Airlines. As a result of this, the New York service will be upgraded from an A380 to a 757. Two routes will be upgraded to the A380.

I am sad to see this change, but I don't think I'm surprised. I was surprised that the A380 was returned to the New York route.

What do you think about the A380 schedule change?