The entire 'Power Rangers' fandom is grieving over the death of their star, and we have learned about the events leading up to his suicide.

According to law enforcement sources, the couple checked into a Texas hotel. The two people in the middle of a divorce got into an argument in one of the other rooms. Staffers were called to calm things down.

David & Tammie

According to our law enforcement sources, at some point late Friday night or early Saturday morning, the two got into another argument, and at that point, the man locked up the woman.

According to our sources, Tammie called the cops because he was worried for his safety. The actor hanged himself in the bathroom when officers couldn't make contact with him.

Remembering Jason David Frank Everett Collection

The 49-year-old died by suicide, according to the report.

His 4 children are his survivors. He loved his family, friends and fans a lot. He will not be around anymore.

You can get help if you or someone you know is in a crisis. You can call or text the hotline.