Yesterday was the opening day of the World Cup in Qatar. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how there would be flights between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The first flight between the two countries went nonstop.

Israelis welcome in Qatar for World Cup (sort of)

The relationship between Israel and many Gulf countries has improved recently. There are a lot of nonstop flights between the two countries now that the country has diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirate.

Israel and Qatar don't have diplomatic relations, as nothing has changed there in the last few years There are no nonstop flights between the two countries, and Israeli passports can't be used to enter the country.

The World Cup is all about welcoming people from all over the world and this would be a major challenge. Those with Israeli passports will be admitted to the World Cup in conjunction with their World Cup tickets. The policy will only last during the World Cup, so don't expect relations to warm up in the long run.

I think thatQatar is welcoming to Israelis. Kosher food is not allowed in the country and public prayer is not allowed. That's right, oh.

Israel & Qatar don’t have diplomatic relations

First nonstop flight operates between Israel & Qatar

TUS Airways, a Cyprus-based company, was given permission to operate World Cup flights between Israel and Qatar. The airline was supposed to only operate direct flights from Israel toQatar.

TUS Air is operating flights from Israel to Qatar

TUS Air was given permission to fly from Tel Aviv to DOHA, but only if there was adiplomatic layover in Cyprus. The same plane, the same crew, and the same people would have taken a long time. The flight from Tel Aviv to Larnaca was expected to take 50 minutes, while the flight from Larnaca to DOHA was expected to take 3.5 hours.

TUS Air’s intended routing from Tel Aviv to Doha

There is a good update there. Yesterday was the first day that the flight could operate nonstop. The journey from Tel Aviv to Doha took just 2 hours and 25 minutes. It was over Saudi Arabian airspace for most of the trip. I think all the services will be able to operate without a stop.

TUS Air’s nonstop flight from Tel Aviv to Doha

The fares are expected to start at $555. The flights have to be booked through a travel agency.

There was a nonstop flight from Israel toQatar. TUS Air flew football fans to the World Cup. The plan was for the flight to have adiplomatic layover but it seems that both sides could agree on the flight operating nonstop.

The flight used Saudi Arabian airspace is fantastic progress. When these passengers land in Qatar, they aren't allowed to pray in public, and can't have Kosher food.

What do you think about this flight?