More than 300 submissions were received from readers of the Financial Times, which identified European companies using technology to meet today's business challenges.

The nominated companies were researched by the journalists of the Financial Times.

This year, we sought nominations in ten categories, and swapped the hospital sector for energy, which has been a focus of attention for innovation this year.

A panel of judges looked at a list of four or five companies and made a decision. The winners were chosen by the judges. The profiles of the winning companies can be found at

Kate McGinn is an investor in pan- European start-ups.

The top 10 in the tech world.

IT and Software

Adaptiv gives clients the ability to map their buildings usage and improve their energy efficiency.

More mobility for their staff has been enabled by the employee relocation management platform from BenivoBenivo.

Tracking emissions in global supply chains can be done with the help of the carbon accounting platform from CarbonChain.

Kayrros helps to spot climate and environmental trends by analyzing satellite images of the earth.

Scientists can use the company's digital experiment platform to test hypotheses faster and break new ground.

Markets & Financial Services

Banks and financial services groups have been helped by ComplyAdvantage's sanctions tracking technology.

Business dependence on nature is translated into a balance sheet format that allows for proactive decision making.

Clients can use the Climate IQClimate IQ platform to assess their climate risk and make strategic decisions.

Digital marketplace and auction platforms are built by the B2B operator.

A platform for companies to track their carbon footprint over time, report on this trend, and set targets to work toward the Paris Climate Accord is offered by Plan A.

Professional Services

It is possible for clients to combat high staff turnover by providing personalized plans for employee development with the help of BeameryBeamery.

I was a little bit annoyed. The processes of attracting and retaining talent are being applied with the help of artificial intelligence and the internet of things. The costs of hiring and cutting out the middle men are being reduced by the use of artificial intelligence.

Businesses can take aHolistic view of ESG performance and avoid greenwashing with the help of the company.

Nurole is changing how board-level talent is recruited by combining smart technology and years of expertise.

The risk ledger shows how well protected their suppliers are.

Shipping & Transport

Green hydrogen solutions can reduce carbon emissions in the maritime sector by as much as 47 percent.

Container xChange helps businesses navigate the complexity of international supply chains by operating a marketplace to source containers, paying for them and streamlining their movements.

EinrideSweden-based Einride is trying to transform the global logistics industry with fleets of electric freighters.

The software that makes it cheaper to run an electric car and turn car batteries into storage assets was the winner.

The early detection and containment of wildfires can be aided by the use of solar powered drones that are autonomously monitored.


Thanks to its green credentials and the rising cost of conventional alternatives, the energy innovator's Geothermal temperature control offering has become increasingly attractive.

The UK start-up is developing a way to produce hydrogen at a low cost.

Multiverse helps clients in the energy sector forecast future supply and demand by using quantum computing.

The performance of batteries is being changed by Nyobolt.

The utility company is using advanced data and machine learning to improve their efficiency and lower consumer costs.


The Roto Dynamic Heater can achieve the extreme heat needed in chemical and steelmaking processes.

The company's patented brick laying robot will improve productivity and safety in the house building industry.

Gardin uses machine learning and optoelectronics to increase yield and density in crops.

Kebony's wood modification technology helps preserve hardwood forests as carbon sinks.

Food waste can be converted into spinning-ready textile fibre with the help of Spinnova.


The UK's longest established digital mental health provider has been around for 20 years.

Lifted Care is a home-care platform that allows caregivers to connect with users and provide personalized and transparent care.

The Young Offenders Institution, Cookham Wood, worked with Thomson ScreeningNominees to develop a solution that would allow schools to quickly screen children for vision and hearing problems.

Oxeheath, the Oxford university spinout, has found a way to alert nurses to patients in need of help.

ShiftPartnerShift uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to better understand staff requirements.

The software, called Disguise, has let a wider audience enjoy concerts and events.

In 2015, No Isolation started building "warm technology" to help sick children dial into classrooms. Diverse groups can reduce the risk of being isolated.

The company's ad streaming solution is an effective way to cut energy consumption for carbon conscious brands.

As we emerged from the Pandemic, The London based streaming platform was launched, offering interactive talks from experts in a range of fields to facilitate the exchange of ideas.

Zero Density offers real-time visual effects to clients in broadcasting, live events, and e- sports.


It can now calculate the environmental cost of a bouquet and reduce it over time.

KeyNest is enabling high-street shops to take on a new role as "key concierges" for people who use the service.

Brand advocates can find gig work as customer service agents for companies they love at Limitless.

Mirakl gives sellers the ability to quickly establish a larger online presence through a network of distributors.

The sustainable fashion business makes clothes in recycled materials and rents them out as an alternative to buying and disposing.

Banking & Payments

Mass market access to green investment opportunities can be found on Clim8 Invest.

The smallest businesses in more than 70 countries will be able to get trade credit via invoice financing thanks to a new invention.

The digital payments group responded quickly to keep money flowing for those fleeing the conflict and those left behind.

Those looking to spread the rising cost of energy bills over 6 weeks at zero interest rates preferred the buy now, pay later instalments offer.