Garrett Wilson doesn't hide frustration speaking on Jets passing game (0:36)

When asked about the Jets' passing game in their loss to the Pats, Wilson was upset. It was 0: 36.

7:26 PM ET

The New York Jets wide receiver was upset by one of the worst offensive performances in the team's history.

The young man apologized to reporters. We know that we are not sorry. It hurts because of that. We are better than that. It hurts because of that.

The Jets lost on Marcus Jones' 84-yard punt return for a touchdown with five seconds left in the game, but it was the offense that failed all day. Wilson completed only 9 of 22 passes for 77 yards as the Jets were held to six first downs and 103 total yards.

The Jets' 2 total yards in the second half were the lowest of any team in a half this season. None of their possessions made it to the red zone.

The Jets coach said that the offense was dogs.

Wilson and Mims were caught on camera showing their displeasure after Wilson threw an overthrown ball.

After the crushing finish, Wilson went into the locker room and yelled, "I'm done with this!"

He said something in front of his locker. He didn't name anyone, but his rant seemed to be directed at the coach.

There is a lack of accountability in the receiver room and the coaches need to put more trust in it.

He said it started in practice. The things we see and don't call out need to be better. It needs to get called out. This isn't acceptable. It's not enough to feel like this. Hopefully, this is a wake-up for some people in the facility who need to get on with their lives.

He said it was all of us.

The wide receiver questioned the preparation again.

He said it started during the week in practice. We need to be explained. There is a better plan for us all. This isn't ok. Go straight up. It isn't ok. What amount of yards did we have? That isn't going to fly.

If we want to be where we want to be, we need to be better in the passing game. The most frustrating part is that we know we can be there. We don't have to be in this type of game. We lost the game because they didn't score any points. We need to take it for what it is. The results showed that we were beaten on offense.

The Jets lost their 14th game in a row to the New England. The Jets would have been in first place in the division. They are in last place.

They had a chance to get the ball at their 20 with less than two minutes to go. They got a first down after two incompletes. They called a pass that resulted in a 2-yard loss on a third-and-1. The game-winning punt return was set up by that.

The worst game of any quarterback this season was by Wilson. When he wasn't pressured, he completed only 5 of 16 passes.

The man said he didn't consider benching Wilson in favor of White. When asked if he'd bench Wilson if the struggles continued, he said it's not something he's thinking about.

Wilson threw a couple of balls that could have been picked off.

The signal- caller said it was frustrating. It was a difficult day. I think I had some balls that went away from me. We need to find ways to score. We have to dig and watch the film to see what we can improve on.

Wilson said, "You have to take into account it's windy as hell out there too, guys."

Mac Jones played in the same wind and completed 23 of 27 attempts for 246 yards.

Six sacks were recorded by the Jets' defense. He denied that he let the defense down. No, that's right.