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According to his wife, Greg Bear has died. The 71-year-old novelist had surgery earlier in the month and doctors discovered that he had had a stroke from a clot that had been building in his body since he had surgery. He was unconscious until November 18 when he passed away two hours later.

As he travels to the undiscovered country, I will spare you daily updates, but I will be there as much as I can. I would like to thank you for your support. I have shared your messages with him. It's a sunset and it's an image.

At the age of fifteen, Bear sold his short story Destroyers to the publication famous science fiction. The cover of his 1988 re-release of Psychlone was released in an early version of the Star Trek Concordance reference book. Bear helped found San Diego Comic-Con with other people.

Hegira and Psychlone were the first two books that Bear wrote and he went on to write over 50 books. His books were known as hard sci-fi due to the amount of scientific detail in them. He wrote books for Star Wars, Foundation & Chaos, and Larry Niven's known space, all of which were set in another world. He wrote a trilogy of novels that focused on the Forerunner race and served as the narrative background for the fourth game in the series. The Unfinished Land was his last book.

Bear is survived by his wife and two children. At this time, our thoughts are with them.

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