Club Q

The Colorado Springs Police Department identified the suspect as a man named Anderson Lee Aldrich.

The suspect entered Club Q and started shooting. The suspect was confronted and fought by at least two people inside.

Two firearms and a long rifle were recovered from the scene of the shooting. There is a reason for the attack.


Five people are dead and at least 18 others are injured in a gay club shooting.

The gay nightclub Club Q was the site of a shooting. The shooting happened just before midnight when authorities received a lot of calls.

The man is in handcuffs. The quick reactions of customers subdued the attacker.

The police official said they got the man. One person they believe to be the suspect was located. The suspect is being treated but still in custody.

The club has already called this a hate crime, despite police not discussing or revealing motive.

The weekly Diva Drag Show was held at Club Q.

The FBI is on the scene, as well as nearly a dozen ambulances that are on their way to the scene.

Club Q

Club Q is devastated by the attack on our community. Our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones. We are thankful for the quick actions of customers that subdued the attacker.

There have been attacks in gay clubs. The worst was when a man opened fire at a nightclub, killing 49 people.

There have been more than 500 mass killings in America this year, killing more than 2,700 people.

The story was originally published at 5:19 AM.