American Express will have a couple of its popular lounges in Australia.

Amex lounges in Australia getting upgraded

American Express has airport lounges in Australia. The Australia lounges have never been named after American Express. They have just been known as American Express Lounges. They don't offer the same amenities you would find at a lounge.

American Express Lounge Melbourne entrance

Soon, that will change. It has been known for a long time that the Amex Lounges in Australia would be renamed to the Centurion Lounges soon. The lounges will be closed for a period of time. The Amex will carry out rebrand touches to the premises as a result of this closing.

American Express Lounge Melbourne seating

As we see more consistency in branding, this marks the continued growth of the Amex Centurion Lounge network outside of the United States.

Centurion Lounge Hong Kong 34
Amex Centurion Lounge Hong Kong bar area

How will Amex’s Australia lounges change?

We don't know a lot about what we should expect with these changes. The lounges are closed for less than two weeks, so any updates won't be too big. There will be changes to the branding.

There is a wide selection of alcoholic drinks, including cocktails, and hot food in the lounge.

Amex Lounges in Australia haven't had a particularly impressive food and drink selection, aside from the barista made coffee, by the way. They are in line with what you would find in a Priority Pass Lounge. I think the biggest difference will be the improved food and drink selection.

American Express Lounge Melbourne food selection

The Amex Lounge is on the small side at 2,800 square feet. The Amex Lounge is in Australia. There shouldn't be any changes to entry requirements for Amex Platinum card members.

As of December 2022, the American Express Lounges in Australia will be known as the Centurion Lounges. The lounges will be closed for around 10 days prior to this change, and I think we will see a much improved food and drink selection, which will be a treat for travelers.

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