CLEAR is giving users the chance to share a guest membership with up to 5 friends or family. During the busiest time of the year, this could make for a nice gift for family members.

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The Deal

  • CLEAR is offering some users a code to invite up to 5 friends or family members to enjoy a complimentary 3-month CLEAR membership when they sign up for the free membership by November 30, 2022. Note that this membership will set to auto-renew at the annual rate of $189, but the new member cancel any time before the end of the 3 month free membership and owe nothing.

Key Terms

  • Targeted to some users (check your email if you’re an existing CLEAR customer to see if you’ve received the promo)
  • Your friend or family member must sign up by November 30, 2022

Quick Thoughts

It's a nice promotion for people. CLEAR is sending an email to some members giving them a code that they can share with up to 5 other people, and you can forward the email so they can sign up. A free 3-month CLEAR membership will be given to the person who shares the code with them.

After 3 months, the free membership will be automatically renewed at the full price of $189 for a year. You will want to encourage anyone with whom you share this to cancel before the 3 months is up because even if they decide they want the service, there's no reason to pay $189 when you can sign up for $119 through United or Delta. If you add an adult or two to your membership, you can get a membership for two adults for $179.

If you sign up for a paid CLEAR membership, United will give you as much as 15,000 miles, or as much as $100 in United Travel Credit, whichever is greater. I would not want to pay $189 and not get one of those incentives when someone can get CLEAR for $119.

If you have an Amex Platinum card or an Amex Green card, you should be aware that they will reimburse up to $189 for CLEAR membership if you have them.

Given how many people fly at this time of year and the fact that we all have someone in the family who doesn't fly often, this is a cool promo. Giving someone the chance to get through security quicker during the holiday travel period is a gift that may be appreciated.

H/T: Private equity firm.