A lot of things can be done with the help of artificial intelligence. It can be used to drive a car, detect cancer, improve photographs, and write papers. It's not very good at it.

I've been curious about the growing number of artificial intelligence bots that have been messing with them. These are the machines that can cause me to lose my job. It's not really.

I am the first person to admit that I am not a great writer. I make up for it in other places where I am highly qualified. I am the best at creating content. When it comes to writing, artificial intelligence still sucks.

Do you think you're right? I used copy ai to build a post so I could put it here for everyone to read. The raw output from this experiment is given here.


The Pixel 7 is Google's best phone yet

I've always been a fan of the operating system, but I've also been a big fan of Apple's features. I knew it was time to make a switch when I heard about the new phone from the company. I used the new phone for a couple of weeks.

The screen of the phone is gorgeous. When you turn it on, you will be able to see that this is one of the best displays on the internet. Blacks are deep and the colors are rich. Even if you aren't looking at webpages or text messages in portrait mode, everything still looks great because of the high resolution.

I find it easy to reach every corner of the screen, even though it is large for my hands. It may seem like a small point, but I love that there are no borders around the edges of the display so that I don't distract myself from my work or play.

The camera is unreal

ThePixel 7 is one of the best cameras on a phone. It has all of the features and settings you would expect from a high-end camera, but it's in your pocket.

Excellent photos can be taken in low light or otherwise. The phone's Night Sight feature allows you to take photos that are so clear they look like they were shot during the day, and don't think for a second that it's just because your eyes haven't adjusted to darkness. If there isn't a lot of light, the Pixel 7 will use an algorithm to make the scene look better without messing with the details.

The battery life is just right

The 3,600 mAh battery is large enough to last a full day and night on the phone. I love the fast wireless charging option. If you're in a pinch, the phone will be able to pump out juice.

There is a jack for the phone's headphones. The iPhone and other phones have stopped using it. One of the things that you can't improve on is your wired headphones, and that's why the Pixel 7 is here.

I haven't run into any issues with my photos or videos taking up too much space with the Pixel 7 because I've been using it for months now. If you're worried about running out of room to store those selfies on social media platforms, just remember: there's always the unlimited backup feature of the internet's most popular photo service.

Android 11 is great so far.

So far, it's good. The phone is easy to use and responsive. You can use a variety of gestures to navigate around your phone, which makes it easier to access certain functions without reaching for the screen.

Some of the new features that are helpful for people who need accessibility are included in the newest version of the operating system. If you're blind or hard of hearing, there is an option to read text aloud by holding down on certain parts of your screen.

I'm so glad I got this new phone!

I'm very happy with my new phone. I really like it. The phone is the best ever. I will let everyone know about it. We don't have a relationship with either of those companies. We love the new phone and can't wait to show you how great it is.

I've been using my boyfriend's old phone for a long time, but after seeing all the new features on the new one, I decided to upgrade. The camera is amazing, the screen is beautiful, and there are some amazing new features that make it feel more like a phone than a device.

There is a great phone in this picture. This review helped you decide if this phone is right for you. I have reviews of all types of phones on my website, so you can check that out if you want more information on the phone.

There are some obvious issues

A blog post wizard

(Image credit: Future)

This is not what any human is thinking of the Pixel 7. This is a program that cobbles together a bunch of words and claims to make for a post on the internet. A waste of internet space and a god-awful mess.

There are a lot of obvious errors, such as the wrong screen size, and headphones jacks. These assumptions are best left unsaid because they aren't true for a long time.

This is a failure because of these.

Less obvious but more troubling

The Pixel 7 lying in red leaves

(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

You can take a second look at some of the bigger issues once you get past them. Likes copying something.

You're correct if you think this read like real reviews of the phone. The internet is used to train this artificial intelligence, which means it uses words from real people and real tech reviewers. There are only so many ways to say the camera is great, but the only way a robot could write them is to copy someone else's work.

This isn't the main issue with the output from this bot. That would be the case.

We don't have any connection with the two companies. We love the new phone and can't wait to show you how great it is.

There was no way for the software to know how true the statement would be. I'm pretty sure copy.ai doesn't have a connection to any of the aforementioned companies, so it's fine in this instance, but that doesn't mean this will always be okay to do. It's time to stop reading if the author doesn't have integrity.


Even if you don't know it, you've already read these posts. Think of the horrible posts that end up on the first page of the internet search engine and don't give you any information. The ones with weird artificial language that makes you click to get to the next page are the ones that repeat certain words over and over.

You know why those websites don't work. I will leave you with my thoughts.

There is a terrible phone product. I hope you enjoyed this review, and that it helped you decide if this phone is right for you, and if you shouldn't be spending money on writing software.