Some people on TikTok say we have spent years in a panoramic view. Maybe it was apanini press. There are people in the community who are against the idea of cornucopia.

It kind of is if it all sounds foreign to you.

TikTok creators have gotten into the habit of coming up with replacements for words that they worry may affect how their videos get promoted on the site or run afoul of moderation rules.

Someone might have thought that TikTok would flag a hobby as part of a campaign to fight misinformation about the swine flu. The user could have used a similar word. There was a fear that sexual topics would cause problems, so some creators used "leg booty" for L.G.B.T.Q. Sex turned into eggs.

The need for evasive neologisms is a sign that TikTok is too aggressive. There is a need for a firm hand in a freewheeling online community where a lot of people try to post harmful videos.

If you run afoul of the rules, you may not be allowed to post. There is a video that may be taken down. The main way TikToks get wide distribution is through the For You page. The app said searches that violate policies could be diverted.

Shadow banning is when people on TikTok believe their videos have been suppressed from view because they talked about topics the platform doesn't like. It isn't an official term used by social platforms, and TikTok doesn't know if it exists.

It's not unique to TikTok, but it's a way that creators imagine they can get around moderation rules by misspelling, replacing or finding new ways of signifying words that are red flags. It's possible to make up words like "unalive" or "kill". The text-to-speech feature of TikTok can be used to spell le$bian with a dollar sign.

Users may be having fun and not worried about having their videos taken.

Users may be overreacting according to a TikTok spokeswoman. She pointed out that there were many popular videos that feature sex, including a stand-up set from Comedy Central and videos for parents about how to talk about sex with children.

The app's two-tier moderation process tries to catch references that are violent, hate-filled or sexually explicit. Users are able to flag videos that violate the rules. The people that are found in violation are either removed or referred for review. Over 100 million videos were taken down from April to June of this year, 48 million of which were removed by automation.

A lot of the content removed has to do with violence, illegal activities or nudity, but there are still many violations of language rules.

The Gen Z historian on TikTok said he had to change a quote from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Letter From Birmingham Jail." The phrase Ku Klux Klanner was written as "Ku K1ux K1ann3r."

Mr. Greene began posting his videos on social media because of his frustration with TikTok

He said that it was common for TikTok to flag or take down educational videos about racism or Black history, wasting the research and other work.

He said that the possibility of an entire ban is a huge worry. I make money from the platform because I am a full time content creator.

Mr. Greene makes money from his social media following and brand deals.

The moderation systems are clever but can make mistakes, which is why many of theInfluencer Marketing Factory's employees use algospeak.

The company, which helps brands engage with younger users on social media, used a trending song in Spanish in a video that included a profanity, and a measurable decrease in views led Mr.Bogliari's team to believe it had been shadow banned. He said that it was difficult to prove that the audience was down or that the video was boring.

Some things are consistent enough that creators know to avoid them and many share lists of words that have triggered the system. Sex workers are referred to asaccountants. Sexual assault is what it's called. When the abortion law was changed, many people referred to the procedure as camping. The topic of abortion wasn't banned on the app, but the app would remove medical misinformation.

The Human Rights Campaign's TikTok account was temporarily banned from posting after it used the word "gay" in a comment. The comment was reposted after it was banned. After another user reported the mistake, TikTok called it an error.

A TikTok representative said at the time that they were proud that L.G.B.T.Q.+ community members chose to create and share on TikTok.

Videos with profanity or markers of the L.G.B.T.Q.+ community are being flagged.

The time was when Mx. They write closed caption for videos and use words that are similar. Fruits are used for words like "gay" or "queer"

They said that the censorship seems to affect queer communities and people of colorsproportionately.

Experts say that most of them probably won't.

When older people start using online slang by young people on TikTok, it becomes obsolete. You have to move on once the parents have it.

She said that the degree to which social media can change language isn't always accurate. English speakers may not pay much attention to neologisms if they use TikTok.

Young people use different languages depending on who they are with and the situation they find themselves in, according to Professor Holliday. 20-year-olds don't come to class and say "legs and butt"

She said that few could have predicted how long the word "cool" would last as a marker for good or fashionable. It emerged in the 1930's jazz scene, retreated from time to time, but kept coming back.

She said that everyone that speaks English has that word. That is quite cool.