Shanquella Robinson

He thinks his daughter was killed as part of a plan.

She was found dead in her room in Los Cabos while she was on vacation. The friends said the 25-year-old died of alcohol poisoning.

According to her parents, Mexican authorities have told them that her death was caused by blunt force trauma to her neck and spine, and a new video shows a woman beating her up while she was naked.

Bernard Robinson thought his daughter was going to be attacked because she wouldn't get into a physical altercation.

The video supports Bernard's point that his daughter didn't fight back during the assault. It all feels like a set up to him because her friends back home wouldn't allow it.

He thinks her attackers left her dead in the hotel room.

The video is hard to watch, but it's even harder for Bernard, who was in the room with his child when it happened. He wants the people responsible for the crime to be sentenced to life in prison.

Mexican authorities are investigating her death as a homicide because her autopsy report didn't mention alcohol.