Borden concerned following beer sales U-turn (1:09)

There was a reversal of beer sales in stadiums. There is a time and a place for this.

1:57 AM AST

The president of the German football association criticized the sport's world governing body for trying to limit national teams' political activities.

Neuendorf said on Friday that he was annoyed by Infantino's letter two weeks ago urging teams to "focus on the football" and not worry about politics.

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Neuendorf said that the topic of human rights should no longer play a role, that we are now concentrating here on football only, and that disturbed them.

He said the federation needed to send a signal to make sure it wouldn't be silenced.

TheDenmark team was banned from wearing the slogan " Human Rights For All" on their training jerseys.

Eight European nations have committed to wearing he OneLove armband at the World Cup. Christian Charisius/picture alliance via Getty Images

That was declared to be a political statement. We are not talking about a political decision that can be made one way or the other with a slogan. Human rights are at the center of it. Human rights are binding all over the globe.

Other European federations want their captains to wear a rainbow heart design during the World Cup to protest against discrimination.

Neuendorf said if it was banned, he would be prepared to accept a fine.

The chief executive of England's FA said that they would be willing to pay a fine if they were fined for wearing the armband.

Mark Bullingham told Sky News that they had not received a reply to their letter.

There is a chance that we will be fined. The fine will be paid if we are. It is important for us to show our values. We will be doing that.

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