It's called aruff landing.

The story of a plane crash on a snowy Wisconsin golf course with three humans and 53 dogs is a happy one.

The twin-engine turboprop aircraft had been flying from New Orleans to Waukesha County Airport, west of Milwaukee, with a cargo hold full of puppies in crates who were being transported to shelters in Wisconsin for adoption.

The plane crashed on the Western Lakes Golf Club when it was less than four miles from the airport.

The plane slid from the fifth to the third hole.

Matthew Haerter is an assistant chief at Lake Country Fire and Rescue. The wings came off the aircraft when they went through trees, and they came to rest hundreds of feet away from where they originally tried to place the aircraft.

The golf course workers were attempting to help when the fire crews arrived.

More than 300 gallons of fuel spilled onto the course, but luckily most of the fuel was stored in the plane's wings.

Federal aviation authorities are investigating the causes of the crash.

Three people on the plane were taken to the hospital.

The dogs were treated by veterinarians at the site and taken to a range of local shelters.