A Fire Upon the Deep is a great book for fans of adventure. The Tines, a race of doglike aliens, were portrayed well in the book.

The Tines, the aliens on this world, the pack minds that he creates for these aliens, was the thing that stood out to me when I read the book 25 years ago. At the time, it blew me away, and it stayed with me the rest of my life. I was anticipating that when I read it now. It is amazing how he manages to pull it off.

David Barr Kirtley is the host of Geek's Guide to the GALAXY. The setting of the book is almost every sci-fi concept imaginable because of the central conceit, a universe in which computation becomes easier the farther one travels from the galactic core. There are 10 books with ideas in it. There was an amazing idea on every page.

A Fire Upon the Deep has many characters and plot lines that are easy to understand. The book is a science fiction novel. She says it is stunning as well as creative. The work is worth watching. I like the amount of time and effort he put into thinking it through.

In the novel, thousands of alien races are able to communicate with each other in short paragraphs. The novel captures various ways in which a system could be abused, according to the author. The book that most prepared me for the internet as it stands today is A Fire Upon the Deep and its group of people. I was just like, "Oh my gosh, this book really, really, really prepared me for all this."

You can listen to the entire interview with Mercurio D. Rivera and others. Some highlights from the discussion can be found below.

There is a fire upon the deep.

I paid my sister 20 bucks to count how many pages were in each chapter and built a chart of what happened in each chapter. I drew the plot of the book out onto 10 pieces of paper and stretched it over a whole floor so I could see the shape of the book in a different way. I was able to plot and think about the structure of novels because of the book, but I wanted to know how he did it.

There is a person on the Tines.

First of all, they are cute because they are wolf packs. There are four to eight wolf individuals who are called members, but three of them can't be a complete individual. They can't go into close proximity with each other if they're standing next to each other. They think of themselves as a pack in order to stay a cohesive person. The members are not individuals. The person doesn't think for themselves. A person with more than one body in this world is called a person.

Mercurio D. Rivera is on the set.

There are similarities between fantasy and science fiction in both stories. We are dealing with aliens in the Tines World, but they are in a medieval setting with queens and castles. It is a typical fantasy setting with aliens. I had one reservation and I thought the setting in the Tines World was so human. I couldn't help but think of the pictures of dogs playing poker, because the alien characters are in libraries, they're drinking brandy, they're smoking, and they're sitting around. The world is just so, so, so human, that's what I was worried about.

Kirtley is on worldbuilding.

The example I want to mention is when the humans are at a place called Harmonious Repose and they are negotiating with aliens to fix their ship. The price is what we both know is worth it. That was an interesting idea to me.

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