I am staying at a lot of Airbnbs these days, instead of hotels. It is more tempting to find that little bit of extra space now that Airbnb is making huge changes to pricing.

Sometimes it is the location and other times it is a private pool overlooking the ocean. To each of them.

Finding the right place to stay can be difficult. That doesn't have to be the case. We have some hot tips from the hosts ofAirbnb to help you find the perfect stay.

If you want to understand how powerful this option can be for your travels, you need to read this guide.

Let’s Get Haggling Out Of The Way

I have spoken to many Airbnb hosts and they all agree on the subject of haggling.

Go for it if it's a long stay. You need to be compelling if it is a one night stay.

Many hosts expect some level of haggling over rates and extra fees for stays, but most say they'll only play ball if it's for a multi night stay

It doesn't mean you can't ask, but you're less likely to succeed on short stays.

If you want to save money and find the right balance, you might want to prioritize your negotiation skills. The host will be more likely to confirm the booking at a lower cost if you agree to strict cancellation policies.

If a host can lock in a monthly booking they know they'll get to keep even if you cancel, that could be more attractive than a higher priced booking which could cancel up to a few nights before. If it's specifically mentioned as a "no-no", there's nothing wrong with trying.

Location, Location, Location

The laser precision of an ideal location is one of the most powerful filters that can be used to cut down on listings.

Hotels are usually located in one area in many cities and destinations. It's possible to choose which area you want to go to.

If you know the ideal location for your stay, you will be able to pinch and zoom on the map to see how many places have been eliminated. If I want to stay in Santa Monica, but only in Ocean Park, this will help me avoid the many listings in Venice.

Destination Discovery Tool

There are some vacations that are all about the beach. A cool place to stay can be used to build others. Maybe it is a castle in Scotland, or maybe it is an escort vehicle on a hill.

If you want to play around with different themes and find an inspired place, you can use the new discovery tools fromAirbnb. It might give you ideas for home.

Finding Your Airbnb: Filter, Filter, Filter

A shared bathroom and a private bedroom is what you want. It's not for me. It might be for you. Everyone has their own needs, from budget to level of privacy, so there are filters to help determine what you want.

Type Of Place

The "type of place" tool on Airbnb can help to eliminate undesirable listings, either offering too much, or too little for your needs. You can choose from an entire place, private room, or shared room before the results show up.

There are a few defining factors, which can be found in the verified 'Airbnb Luxe' or 'Airbnb Plus' collection. These properties have been verified byAirbnb and have certain levels of amenities required to be considered for these titles.

Hotel quality bedsheets, towels, coffee and other perks are included in the price of an 'Airbnb Plus' listing Only the finest, and typically more space, can be found in the new level ofAirbnb. If you're looking for a four or five star hotel, you're likely to find it with Airbnb Plus.

Amenities Tool

You can change the number of bedrooms and the number of baths you need.

The full list of choices can be found by tapping the filters, which will bring up the full list of options. You can only select instant book properties if you don't have time to chat.

Airbnb Budget “Price” Selector

It can be great to dream, but it can also be a distraction. The easiest way to find what you are looking for is to use the price tool.

You have a better indicator of costs when you know the average nightly price of a place in your chosen location. Negotiating can be good, and can change the price significantly, so perhaps set a little room above your budget.

Pet Or Kid Friendly?

The filters tool, which is found to the far right of the search options, will allow you to find the perfect place without having to worry about finding a place for your pet or children.

If a place is pet or kid friendly, it will list itself as so, but in my experience, it is not always true. After hearing more about the potential guest, some places that don't want kids are happy to have them.

If you don't specify pets or kids, it may still work out, but you need to speak with the host about it.

Superhosts Only

Some people don't want to deal with anyone else. If you want to use it, I don't bother selecting superhost only, but it's there if you need it. If you only want to see listings from people you know and trust, there is a click for that.

In dense cities, this can be useful, but I value other factors more.

Essential Airbnb Booking Tips

It shouldn't be too far away if you use filters and move the map around. Flexibility is one of the key things to note so that you don't get frustrated.

Cancellation Flexibility

Plans are more up in the air as people return to a new normal. The cancellation policies on theAirbnb platform are not the same as the cancellation policies on the hotel platform.

One host may not give a refund at all, while others will give you a full refund if you cancel before the day before. If they can find a replacement guest, even hosts with no-refund policies have been willing to refunds.

It's a good idea to read the cancellation policies before making a booking. If a stay merits some haggling, this is a great place to go. It has worked many, many times if you agree to inflexible terms.

No, sadly. Sharing a link to sign up will no longer earn you credit for stays after October of 2020. This guide will show you how to earn points on Airbnb stays.

You can earn points on flights too.

What About Credit Card Tips?

Absolutely! After the fact, Chase can use points to cover some or all of the purchase you have already made, if you choose to use the 'Pay yourself back' option. New opportunities are being worked on by Capital One.

Finding The Perfect Airbnb

It's very personal to find the perfectAirbnb. It is about your budget, location and amenities. It's a good idea to book early for many of the best places on the platform.

Home sharing can be unlocked if you start early, filter the no-gos, and don't forget. Booking multiple hotel rooms and worrying about connecting rooms can be very time consuming for a family. Budget travelers can save a lot of money if they have access to a kitchen.

I have had more than I can count, and almost all of them have been great. The comments and reviews are worth reading. Look for consensus when you do. If there are many similar things, take it as a warning.

Travel should be fun, and with these tips you can find a great place to stay.

Travelers looking to connect with family and friends, as well as connecting with the world, have turned toAirbnb. A multi-bedroom home or apartment rental is often cheaper and more fun than a hotel.

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