Scroll through the universe with a new interactive map
Credit: Visualization by B. MéNard & N. Shtarkman

For the first time in the history of the universe, a map shows the entire span of the universe.

The public is able to view data previously only available to scientists on the map.

The interactive map, which depicts the position and real colors of 200,000 galaxies, can be downloaded for free.

"Growing up I was very inspired by astronomy pictures and now it's our time to create a new type of picture to inspire people," says map creator

Credit: Johns Hopkins University

Thousands of scientific papers and discoveries have been made due to the analysis of this data. A map that is scientifically accurate and accessible to people who are not scientists was not created by anyone. Our goal is to show everyone what the universe is made of.

The night sky is being captured through a telescope in New Mexico. For a long time, the telescope aimed at slightly different locations.

The map, which was created by Ménard and Nikita Shtarkman, shows a slice of the universe, or about 200,000 galaxies, which contain billions of stars and planets. One of the dots is at the bottom of the map.

The expansion of the universe adds to the map's color. The object appears red if it's farther away. The top of the map shows the first flash of radiation that came after the Bigbang.

We are a speck at the bottom of the map. The Milky Way has billions of stars and planets. We are used to seeing a picture of a group of galaxies. The scale shown on the map is a very different one.

The map is both beautiful and awe-inspiring.

He says that from this speck at the bottom, we are able to map out the entire universe.

There is a map of the universe.