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A fully armed and operational merchandising event is what it used to be. Today is Life Day, which means that from its theme parks to its stores, Disney will find a way to sell you as many Wookiee related items as possible. What were they supposed to be used for? Do we still remember what Life Day was about?

One of the most frequently clowned-upon pieces of Star Wars media ever made, Life Day was first established in the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special, which was a derogatory in-joke. There is a tree, there is a family gathering, there is shiny decorations. A religious origin has been pushed aside in favor of a commercial event. Is Life Day a pop?

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The Life Day Orb is one of the most important aspects of Life Day. The holiday is a time to remember those who have already passed on, but it is also a time to celebrate. In both the Expanded Universe and Disney's current canon, the Life Day Orb is meant to reflect a starscape that Wookiees believe to be the afterlife. Life Orbs are the center of family gatherings, both as decoration and the crux of prayer rituals by Wookiee families.

The Orb is the easiest window to find Life Day products. It is a mug and a light-up globe. It is adorned with t-shirts and plush toys and has photo opportunities at Disney's Star Wars land. The Life Day Orb is a symbol of the holiday that is used as a corporate product. If we are going to make Life Day as much of a holiday as Christmas, we need to take one of its most spiritual aspects and turn it into a trinket. A happy life day!

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