It doesn't mean you have to give up what matters to you, like old messages and phone contacts. Once you connect your two phones with a cable, screen prompt will guide you through what you can transfer over from your iPad.

There are contacts.

  • Photos and video
  • SMS, MMS and iMessage text and media
  • Apps
  • Music
  • iCloud and Google calendars
  • Call logs
  • Notes
  • And more - specifics can be found in our Help Center

It will be like you never left your phone behind when you open your new phone's Photos app. You can use Photo Unblur to clear up photos from your old phone, and you can also use Magic Eraser to remove distraction from brilliant shots.

Transferring photos from one computer to another.

That is what? Did you know that your photos are backed up in the cloud on your computer? It's all good, but Google helps with this as well.

You can start the process of moving images from one cloud to another at If you still need more storage than you're used to, you can upgrade your plan here.

Is it possible to use iMessage?

Messages can be sent and received with all other devices. Adding support for reactions and more is one of the things we are doing to improve messaging between the two mobile operating systems. It is recommended that you deregister your phone number when you switch to iMessage.

You can gift a Pixel 7 to yourself or someone else in confidence, knowing that anyone can connect, select and transfer their way onto TeamPixel. There are a lot of helpful, artificial intelligence-powered experiences in the Pixel 7. Call Screen, Direct My Call and Hold For Me are just a few of the features you can find on the new phone.

You can learn more about the switch by visiting our page.