She was well-known for her appearances on "America's Got Talent" and "The Ellen Degeneres Show".

Ray confirmed that his wife died on Wednesday. She died peacefully at home, he said.

The road ahead is going to be very difficult. She taught us everything, so we don't need to be sad. Her impact, her story, and her spirit are celebrated now.

After Ray uploaded a video of himself singing to her before she went into surgery for her brain cancer, she became a meme.

She appeared on Ellen's show in 2020 and told the host she'd been fighting cancer for five years and had been in remission for six years.

The audience was brought to tears when Ray told their story on stage. She said she had never heardRay sing so well.

The docuseries "Black Love" highlighted the story of the couple as a couple.

roslyn singleton

Her husband, Ray, is the one who is still alive.

She was older than 40.

It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye.