indy looking down in crystal skull

I probably shouldn't admit it, but I had a dream about Indiana Jones 5. I was so sure that I saw the future that I checked my phone to see if Disney and Lucasfilm had released it. I found out that my mind hadn't completely turned to chilled monkey brains. This week is when the road to Indiana Jones 5 starts.

Empire Magazine just said "Ready for Adventure" with a promise of "the ultimate world exclusive" at 5 pm. The time has changed. James Mangold replied, "It could be."

We should see a brand new look at Indiana Jones 5 on Friday in the UK. Not our first look, mind you; that already happened in this preview image, followed by the D23 expo trailer The article will give us new images and information on the plot of the film, as well as give us the first glimpse of the MacGuffin, all of which are great. It's what fans are craving as an Indy fan.

Don't forget that Empire is a magazine. This won't be a trailer. The trailer is expected to show up before the end of the year, with the rumor being that it might be released alongside the movie. It will be with the trailer and not before that fans get the full title. It's not just "Indiana Jones" despite being blasted all over. The title will be traditional. It's possible that it's on a poster too.

All eyes will be on June 30, 2023, when Indiana Jones returns to the big screen for the final time, once we have that plot info, a few images, and a trailer. It's probably a possibility. All of that starts later this week and I don't have to have a dream to confirm it.

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