A tough-on-crime former Republican who spent millions of dollars on his campaign narrowly lost the Los Angeles mayor's race to a democrat.

Representative Karen Bass, Potential Vice Presidential Running Mate of Joe Biden

Los Angeles will have a new mayor.

The Washington Post via Getty Images

Just over a week after the election, the Associated Press called the race for Bass.

The data was compiled by the AP.

Bass will be the first woman to serve as Los Angeles mayor, and will replace outgoing two-term mayor Eric Garcetti who was nominated to serve as ambassador to India.

Bass latched onto Caruso for only registering as a Democrat in January and supported progressive public safety measures, though she resisted calls to cut the Los Angeles Police Department's budget.

A long-time Republican, Caruso ran on a platform largely focused on reducing crime and homelessness, and vowed to declare a state of emergency to address homelessness.

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A total of 99 million dollars. According to the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, most of the money raised was in personal loans taken out by the billionaire. The bass raised a small amount of money.

Key Background

Bass has at least five billionaires, including Steven Spielberg, and she has less money than the other woman. The billionaires contributed to the campaign. Bass has represented California in Congress for the past four years, previously chairing the Congressional Black Caucus. In the June primary, Bass got 42% of the votes, compared to Caruso's 36%, setting up last week's runoff, where the two candidates were in a dead heat. In 2005 and 2006 he gave $250,000 to the California Republican Party and $245,000 to a political action committee that supported John Kasich in his presidential campaign.

Forbes Valuation

We think he's worth $5.3 billion, making him the 487th wealthiest person in the world. He was dubbed the "Walt Disney of Retail" by Forbes, as he amassed his fortune through his shopping centers, owning some of the most successful malls in the country.


In June, the richest man in the world endorsed his fellow billionaire. Despite previous promises to keep his newly acquired social network free of political bias, Musk has pleaded for voters to back Republicans in the upcoming elections. Bass had a long list of celebrity backers, including former President Barack Obama and singer John Legend.

The billionaires are betting on a race.

Meet the billionaire building the malls of the future.