The ugly duckling of the eco-car market is finally getting a version that is easier to see. The new fifth-generation of the Prius was just revealed in Japan with a sporty look to hide that it's still a four-door compact with hybrid and plug-in hybrid options.

The 1997 Prius was the first mass-produced hybrid electric vehicle, but it wasn't very visually appealing, nor were any of the subsequent versions. The development team started from scratch to create a hybrid reborn concept that is very similar to the new Prius.

The second- generation TNGA platform is lighter and shares parts with other Toyota vehicles. The first model to adopt the old TNGA was the 2016 TOYOTA PHISPER.

The hybrid car is still a hybrid. The new hybrid-only system can output up to 144 kilowatts of power, and it has two engine choices. The plug-in version has a power output of 166 kilowatts and can reach a top speed of 62 mph.

The new plug-in Prius has a better range than the previous model. In the US, the latest Prius Prime has a range of about 25 miles. The North American version will soon be released by Toyota.

The image is of Toyota.

The image is of Toyota.

It has been difficult for Toyota to get fully electric vehicles off the ground. After releasing a mediocre bZ4X EV that was subject to a major recall, it said it was going back to the drawing board on its flexible EV platform. Toyota decided to keep making more hybrid cars, even though it wants to sort out all that next year.

Environmentalists aren't very happy. Daniel Read said in an email that the sale of more hybrid vehicles dragged us further into the climate crisis. The car was on the cutting edge of low carbon transport when it was released. It's clear that hybrid vehicle technology isn't enough to cap global heating at 1.5C.

It will be impossible to rein in the worst effects of climate change if Toyota, GM, Volkswagen, andHyundai continue to sell internal combustion engine vehicles at a rate that is too high.

The hybrid car is getting some interesting features. There are cameras at the front and rear of the car, a digital rear-view mirror, and a built-in recorder. There are solar panels on the new Prius plug-in. The accessory battery can be charged while in motion.

Use your Prius like an portable battery pack, and keep out the elements out with this cover.
Use your Prius like an portable battery pack, and keep out the elements out with this cover.
Image: Toyota

A portable battery pack with AC power plugs can be used in the cargo area and in the center console. You can either use the gas engine to generate electricity or use the battery to power it. Toyota has a window jam accessory that allows you to run a power cord into the cabin and still keep the car secure.

The new looks and features of the Prius will definitely get a lot of attention. According to a report, Toyota is considering hitting the reset button on its EV plans, but it hasn't laid out a new path yet. It's never too late to build something new if you want to slow down EV adoption.