Tim Simpson is the manager of Israel Adesanya. The fan gave Israel a gift and he put it in his luggage. Israel quickly dispose of the item after it was flagged at the airport. The matter was dismissed and he is on his way back to his hometown.

Israel Adesanya was arrested for criminal possession of a weapon at JFK airport in NYC, after he went through security with metal knuckles, according to reports.

The arrest was made by the Port Authority Police Department near the airport.

In the state of New York, brass knuckles are not allowed. They are not allowed to be carried on your person or in your bag. The location of the brass knuckles is not clear.

It is not clear if Adesanya will be issued a ticket or remain in custody.

Adesanya is from New Zealand and not the U.S.

israel adesanya

Despite losing his belt to Alex Pereira during the main event at UFC 281 on Saturday at Madison Square Garden, he is still one of the best and most popular UFC fighters in the world.

He lost his 2nd MMA match on Saturday.

Adesanya could face up to a year in jail if charged and convicted.

Originally published at 1:04PM.