Republicans won enough seats in the House to take control of the lower chamber for the next two years, but Democrats will retain their majority in the Senate.

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According to the AP, Republicans have won control of the House.


In California's 27th District, Republican MikeGarcia defeated DemocratChristy Smith to reach the 218-seat threshold needed for an overall majority in the House.

The race was called by the AP at 3:32 pm. A majority of the estimated vote was counted on Wednesday.

Republicans have gained five seats from the 213 they held before the election, while Democrats have won a total of over 200.

President Biden said he is ready to work with House Republicans to deliver results for working families.

The Republicans have fallen short of expectations despite winning control of the House. In the weeks leading up to Election Day, House and Senate forecasts increasingly favored Republicans as polls showed Americans' concerns about the economy and their faith in the GOP to handle the issue It was expected that Biden's approval rating would turn away Democrats. Republicans were projected to gain up to 35 seats in the House, as Democrats held a slim 222-213 seat advantage. The GOP is expected to end the cycle with a single digit advantage in the House. The results of this year's election for Democrats have been worse than in the past, as the president's party typically loses seats in a mid-year year. The Republicans lost seats in both 2006 and 2018? The Republicans won more seats in the 2010 and 2014 elections than they did in the previous year. GOP infighting and a rebuke of Trump have been caused by Republicans' poor performance in the election.


The Democrats won the Senate race in Nevada on Saturday, solidifying their hold over the upper chamber. Senate forecasts changed in favor of Republicans in the weeks leading up to the election, but Democrats pulled out ahead in several key races. Pennsylvania's Senate seat was flipped by Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman when he defeated Mehmet Oz. Democrats have won 50 seats in the Senate compared to 49 for Republicans. The Democrats will hold an even stronger majority if Sen. Raphael Warnock wins his re-election bid against Republican Herschel Walker in December. The Republican majority in the House is expected to cause a stalemate over the next two years and stall Biden's agenda.

Lauren Boebert is locked in a tight race with Democrat Adam Frisch, who leads Boebert by less than 1,200 votes a week after the election. The next set of updates is expected to be released on Wednesday. It could take weeks before the race is called if the candidates end up with less than half the vote.

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A major blow to the party was the loss of four Democrat-held House seats in New York, including the chair of the DCCC who lost his re- election bid. In the wake of the losses, more than 1,100 party leaders have called on Kathy Hochul to replace Jay Jacobs. Jacobs said he doesn't intend to resign.

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Democrats view the ten races as critical in their bid to retain control of the House.