A view of Earth as seen from the Artemis 1 Orion capsule more than 9 hours into flight on Nov. 16, 2022.

The Orion spacecraft leaving the blue marble behind as it heads to the moon. (Image credit: NASA TV)

After the launch of the Artemis 1 mission, the main engine of NASA's moon-bound capsule was fired for the first time to check out the system.

The capsule was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida early Wednesday morning. The rocket's second stage put the capsule on a path to the moon. To perfect the path and to make sure that the maneuvering system works as it is supposed to, the capsule performed a planned engine burn before 10 a.m. On Wednesday

The back of the capsule's Europe-made service module is where the main maneuvering engine is located.

There are amazing views of NASA's moon rocket debut.

The burn went off without a hitch after only 30 seconds. On Monday, the capsule will pass by Earth's natural satellite at a close distance of only 60 miles.

On the same day, the main engine of the spaceship will be fired again to put it on a path that will take it away from the moon.

The farthest distance a human-rated spaceship has ever flown from Earth will be broken during the retrograde portion of the mission. The Apollo 13 mission set a record for distance traveled from the planet. The Apollo 13 record was a result of an emergency rescue operation that saved the lives of the crew after the Apollo ship exploded.

The main engine of the spaceship will be used to propel it back to Earth. The craft will splash down in the ocean off the coast of California if everything goes well.

The 16 cameras mounted on the structure will be used to take pictures of itself and the surrounding space.

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