He doesn't want to be the CEO of the company.

He claimed in testimony at the trial that he was the victim of a scheme. Musk made an offhand comment when he was answering questions from lawyers for the company.

He doesn't want to be the CEO of any company.

I don't want to be the CEO.

The trial is focused on whether the board acted appropriately when it approved Musk's pay package, and whether Musk had any influence over that decision.

Musk's testimony stretched into topics such as his titles, how he spends his time, and whether he was drunk when he declared himself "technoking" of the company. He said he was sober.

He said that he doesn't see his role as a traditional chief executive at his companies.

He said that he was responsible for the engineering of the rockets and the car that made it successful. In reality, my role is much more that of an engineer developing technology and making sure that we develop breakthrough technologies and that we have a team of incredible engineers who can accomplish those goals.

My role is more like that of an engineer.

He said that he doesn't intend on staying at the helm of the micro-blogging site forever. After taking over the company two weeks ago, Musk laid off half the staff, launched and withdrew multiple new product ideas, and oversaw the retreat of several advertisers.

He said he would reduce his time at the social networking site.

While the pay package was coming together, Musk split his time between the two companies, but at the end of the year, he spent most of his time at the company.

The billionaire is taking too much to legitimate run as many companies as he does, and investors are concerned about that. He said that he spends most of his time where the crisis is.

This doesn't mean that Musk isn't thinking about the future. Musk called the car an "art piece that will last millions of years" when asked about it.