British Airways has just revealed a new route.

British Airways adds London to Cincinnati route

British Airways will be launching a new flight between London Heathrow and Cincinnati in June of 2020. The flight's schedule will be listed below.

The flight from London to Cincinnati leaves at 3:20PM.

BA120 Cincinnati to London departing 9:30PM arriving 10:15AM (+1 day)

In the summer season, the service will operate five times a week, and four times a week in the winter. The flight is blocked at 8 hours 40 minutes in the west and 7 hours 45 minutes in the east.

British Airways will launch flights to Cincinnati

The Boeing 787-9 is British Airways' smallest long haul aircraft and will be used for the new Cincinnati service. There are 35 business class seats, 25 premium economy seats, and 154 economy seats on the aircraft. British Airways has a new Club Suites on the 787-8.

British Airways Club World on the Boeing 787

British Airways operates a total of 300 flights a week from London to the US. This will be the only nonstop flight from the United Kingdom to other countries. There were rumors that British Airways would start a route to Indianapolis in the late 21st century. It never came to fruition.

Neil Chernoff is the director of networks and alliances at British Airways.

“This is the first time we’ve flown this route, and we can’t wait to connect two cities which both have so much to offer. Not only will this open up these destinations to customers on each side of the Atlantic, but it will also improve connectivity between the Cincinnati region, Europe and beyond, with opportunities to connect to our wider network via London.”

My take on British Airways adding Cincinnati flights

It is great to see secondary airports getting more long haul routes. Delta has a service from there to Paris. In the past, Delta operated a route between Cincinnati and London.

These routes make sense at the end of the day.

  • American Airlines and British Airways have a transatlantic joint venture, so between the two airlines, they should have no problem filling these planes with passengers connecting from the area to London and beyond
  • I imagine that the local government is providing significant incentives for this service to be offered, and that this played a major role in the service being added; the economics of long haul routes work a lot better when there’s government support
  • The regional government claims that the economic impact of this new service for Cincinnati will be $172 million over the course of three years, which is also how they justify offering incentives for this service; I always find the claims of economic impact for new routes to be a bit questionable
Delta also operates transatlantic flights from Cincinnati

Bottom line

British Airways will be adding a new year-round flight from London to Cincinnati. It will operate 4-5 times a week with a plane. It is an exciting new service that enables all kinds of global one-stop routes.

British Airways added flights to Cincinnati.

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