The company is giving access to its older smart TVs to other services. Beginning next week and continuing through the end of the year, you will be able to download games on select smart TVs.

A gaming TV hub for its smart TVs and monitors was launched earlier this year. The number one question we received was when cloud gaming would come to my TV. "We are happy to let our fans know that they will be able to play the games they love before the end of the year."

The gaming hub won't be coming to TVs in the future. Individual apps will be offered on these TVs. You just need to connect a compatible TV to an internet connection and download the appropriate apps from the app store to start playing games.

You will be able to stream up to 4K to a compatible TV if you are a member of the GTX 3080 family. This is the first time that tier members will be able to stream up to 4K on a TV without the need for a Shield device.

The controller rumble will be added to the Xbox App on both the 2021. and 2022, according to Microsoft. The CVP of gaming experiences and platforms at Microsoft says that the owners of the smart TVs will get to feel a more immersive cloud gaming experience. Pick up your favorite controller and start playing.

The models that will support these cloud gaming apps are listed here.

Q50 Q60 Q95- Q70

Stadia won't be offered as an individual app, but will be shut down in January. Stadia will no longer be available in the gaming hub once it ends. There are also plans for Blacknut and antstream arcade.

Microsoft is adding rumble support to controllers for its XBOX app on TVs.

The apps will be available next week. According to Mike Lucero, the director of product management for gaming at the US branch of the company, the roll out will start next week.