NASA successfully launched its gigantic Space Launch System (SLS) Moon rocket early Wednesday morning, a landmark moment in the history of humanity's efforts to return to the Moon for the first time in fifty years.

The rocket lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. An awe-inspiring sight was created when the rocket's massive boosters roared into action.

The launch of Artemis I was well received by NASA and other partners. America is going back to the moon today. This is a big deal for our nation and the world.

"Good morning!" The CEO of the company chimed in.

Destination: Moon

The rocket that carried NASA's uncrewed capsule into space successfully completed its first burn on its journey to the moon.

The plan is to slingshot the craft back to Earth after it travels around the Moon. A splashdown in the Pacific Ocean is expected to take approximately 42 days.

Many years of budget overruns, delays, and a host of technical issues forced NASA to abandon two attempts this year.

Hurricane Nicole ripped a ten-foot piece of caulk off the rocket.

Bad weather wasn't an issue during today's launch.

Artemis II is NASA's first crewed mission to the Moon in 42 years. It is not certain when the launch will take place.

NASA says Hurricane Nicole caused part of its huge moon rocket to fall.