Image for article titled Mackenzie Scott just became America's 4th-most-generous philanthropist, vaulting ahead of Mike Bloomberg

After announcing a fresh $2 billion in donations to charities and government, she appears to have become the world's fourth-most generous living philanthropist.

According to Agence France-Presse, she has given about 14 billion dollars. The Chronicle of Philanthropy has a figure of over 13 billion dollars. According to Forbes, either sum would make her the most generous person in the history of the world.

There was no response to a request for an updated figure on Michael Bloomberg's giving.

Warren Buffet has given away over $46 billion by the start of the year. The Gates family is next with $33.4 billion, followed by George Soros with $18.6 billion.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and Scott's former husband, announced this week that he would give most of his fortune to charity. He hasn't explained how. He was 16th on the Forbes list of philanthropists at the beginning of the year.

It’s not a competition

Most of these incredibly rich billionaires aren't trying to climb rankings, and a difference of a few hundred million between Bloomberg and Scott could easily be reversed by a big announcement. What are these people attempting to do?

Helping people is one of the things. The super rich have huge power to change and save lives, and in recent years they have begun giving money away more, and via more coordinated efforts like The Giving Pledge, which commits billionaires to give away more than half of their money.

There are more than one reason. The super rich have an unfair amount of money. She seems to want to be seen as a good person.

I have a lot of money to share and it has been nurtured in me. I will continue to think about philanthropy. It will take a lot of work and care. I won't be waiting. She said she would keep at it until the safe was empty.

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