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Now is the time to apply for the Capital One Savor CashOne rewards credit card.

I love the Capital One SavorOne Cash rewards credit card. The card doesn't have an annual fee, but it has a great rewards structure, no foreign transaction fees, and some amazing benefits.

The card offers 3% cash back in major spending categories The Capital One Venture X rewards credit card can be used to convert rewards into Venture miles. You can earn up to 3x Venture miles with the no annual fee card.

Everything you need to know about this card, from the welcome bonus, to the rewards structure, to the ability to earn Capital One miles, will be covered in this video.

SavorOne Card Welcome Bonus Of $200 Cash Back

If you spend $500 on purchases within the first three months of opening your Capital One SavorOne account, you'll get a $200 cash back bonus. There is a very reasonable spending requirement to earn the bonus for a no annual fee card.

The bonus is available to people who haven't had a card before. If you have other Capital One cards, you are not eligible for the bonus.

Earn a welcome bonus of $200 cash back

SavorOne Card Has No Annual Fee

The Capital One SavorOne does not have an annual fee. A card with a rewards structure that doesn't have an annual fee is the best.

It is good for your credit to hold onto cards like this, even if you don't use them all that often.

SavorOne Card Rewards Structure

The rewards structure is one of the main reasons you should choose Capital One SavorOne. Depending on the category, the card offers up to 3% cash back. Let's take a look at the details.

Earn 3% Cash Back On Dining

One of the best cards for dining spending is the Capital One SavorOne. Dining is defined by Capital One as purchases at restaurants, cafes, bars, lounges, fast food chains, and bakeries.

Earn 3% Cash Back At Grocery Stores

One of the best cards for supermarket spending is the Capital One SavorOne. Capital One considers grocery stores to include purchases at supermarkets, meat lockers, freezers, dairy product stores, and specialty markets. Walmart and Target can't be included.

Earn 3% cash back at supermarkets

Earn 3% Cash Back On Entertainment

Capital One offers cash back on entertainment. Capital One considers entertainment to include purchases at movie theaters, sports promoter, theatrical promoter, amusement parks, tourist attractions, aquariums, zoos, dance halls, record stores, pool halls, and bowling alleys.

Earn 3% Cash Back On Popular Streaming Services

3% cash back is offered by the Capital One SavorOne. This category has Capital One in it.

Earn 1% Cash Back On All Other Purchases

The Capital One SavorOne gives 1% cash back on all purchases. The bonus categories add appeal to the card for non-bonus spending.

Pay No Foreign Transaction Fees

A no annual fee card with no foreign transaction fees is noteworthy. Many people are looking for a good card to use abroad without having to pay an annual fee, and this card is excellent in that regard.

A lot of travel spending is on things like dining and entertainment, so you can qualify for the bonus categories.

Earn 3% cash back on dining with no foreign transaction fees

SavorOne Card Uber & Uber Eats Perks

Those with the Capital One SavorOne can receive some amazing perks thanks to a partnership between the two companies. They can get 10% cash back on rides and a complimentary membership to the ride-sharing service. For a lot of people this should be enough reason to pick up this card.

Earn 10% Cash Back With Uber & Uber Eats

The Capital One SavorOne is giving 10% cash back on purchases made with the ride-sharing companies. If you set your eligible Capital One card as your default payment method, you will get 10% cash back in the form of statement credits with your eligible card.

Receive A Complimentary Uber One Membership

Those with the Capital One SavorOne can get a complimentary membership to the ride-sharing service.

Those with the Capital One SavorOne should sign up for a monthly membership in the app in order to get this free membership. You'll get a monthly statement credit through the end of the offer period if you set your Capital One card as the form of payment.

The price of a membership is usually $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year.

  • 5% off eligible rides and orders of food, groceries, alcohol, and more
  • Being matched with top-rated drivers
  • An Uber One Promise, whereby on eligible deliveries you’ll get $5 in Uber Cash if the latest arrival estimate (shown after the order is placed) is wrong
  • Unlimited $0 delivery fees on eligible food orders over $15 and grocery orders over $30
  • Access to premium member support, special offers and promotions, and invite-only experiences
Get 10% cash back with Uber & Uber Eats

Trick: Convert SavorOne Cash Back Into Venture Miles

The Capital One SavorOne has an interesting angle. You can convert the rewards on this card into miles with a Capital One Venture X card. You can transfer Capital One miles directly through your Capital One account.

The travel rewards cards from Capital One don't have a lot of bonus categories. The Capital One Venture X gives 2x Venture miles per dollar spent, which is the best return on everyday spending you can find on any card.

You would earn if you combined the Capital One Venture X with the Capital One Savor One.

  • 10x Venture miles on hotels booked through Capital One Travel
  • 10x Venture miles on rental cars booked through Capital One Travel
  • 5x Venture miles on flights booked through Capital One Travel
  • 3x Venture miles on dining
  • 3x Venture miles on grocery stores
  • 3x Venture miles on entertainment
  • 3x Venture miles on streaming services
  • 2x Venture miles on all other purchases

If you asked me, I would say that is a phenomenal credit card duo. I think this is an exciting opportunity for those who are interested.

Rack up valuable travel rewards with this card combo

Is the Capital One SavorOne Worth It?

You can look at the value of the card on its own or you can look at it in conjunction with the Capital One Venture X.

I think the Capital One Savor could be an attractive option for a lot of people.

  • Having a card with no foreign transaction fees that earns 3% cash back in categories like dining, grocery stores, and entertainment, is pretty awesome; however, I wouldn’t recommend using this card for non-bonused spending, since you can do better than 1% cash back on those purchases, with a card like the Citi® Double Cash Card (review)
  • Personally I like earning travel rewards rather than cash back for my credit card spending, since I can get outsized value that way; however, knowing how to redeem miles efficiently takes some work, and not everyone finds that to be worthwhile
  • The Uber and Uber Eats benefits here are huge, as you can receive 10% cash back on these purchases, and can also receive a complimentary Uber One membership for up to two years

The Capital One SavorOne is a slam dunk combination.

  • You can complement the excellent return on everyday spending offered by the Venture X with the good bonus categories offered by the SavorOne, all without paying an additional annual fee
  • While the Venture X has a $395 annual fee, in reality the card shouldn’t cost anyone nearly that much, given the $300 annual travel credit and 10,000 anniversary bonus miles; then on top of that the card offers a Priority Pass membership, access to Capital One Lounges, access to Plaza Premium Lounges, great authorized user perks, cell phone protection, rental car coverage, and more

I would consider the SavorOne to be an important part of a long term strategy for maximizing rewards with Capital One if I didn't already have it.

I want to apply for this card because of the benefits being offered by the Savor One.

Having the card can super charge the travel rewards you earn

3% cash back is offered on dining, grocery stores, entertainment, and streaming services with no annual fee on the Capital One SavorOne. Through November 14, 2024, the card is giving 10% cash back with the ride-sharing companies. That alone makes this card a no-brainer.

The Capital One Venture X is the most interesting angle for me. You can convert cash back into Venture miles if you have both cards. It's pretty cool that the SavorOne could offer the equivalent of 3x Venture miles in the above categories.

What have you experienced with the Capital One Savor? The card can be used to earn travel rewards.