Users will be able to send messages to themselves on the messaging service.

All Apple users are able to use the new feature in the latest version of the messaging service. The feature is not currently showing up for everyone, so it is rolling out slowly.

The feature is available to some people on the internet.

Start a new chat and see if your own contact shows up at the top of your contacts list. You will see a caption when you open the chat.

All of your linked devices will see messages sent to yourself, and they are end-to-end secure.

It's a life hack that I use a lot and if you're wondering why you would ever want to message yourself, it's a good one. If you have information on your phone like an address, a one-time password, a link, or even an image, and you want to be able to quickly access it on your laptop or tablets, sometimes sending a message to yourself is the fastest way to do that.

You can already do this on Messenger, but now you can do it on the other side of the world, too. The "Note to Self" feature of Signal allows you to send direct messages to yourself and sync them with other devices.

AirDrop, my preferred way of sharing data across Apple devices, refuses to cooperate, so this is useful.

The ability to use the same account on multiple phones and tablets, as well as desktop computers, is one of the new features that was recently rolled out. You can securely share information from one device to another, no matter how many devices you have.