The SLS moon rocket is still on the ground at the Kennedy Space Center, despite the wind gusts that hit last week.

It's too late to fix the piece of insulation that peeled away from the rocket because it was damaged by Hurricane Nicole.

Over the last couple of months, there have been multiple aborted launches due to technical problems, hydrogen leaks, and bad weather.

Stripped Caulk

The piece of insulation is designed to reduce aerodynamic heating when the rocket is in the air. The crew capsule's protective nose cone was torn off by the RTV strip.

It's news that people don't want to hear.

The area where the storm blew through was about ten feet in length. It is a very thin layer of RTV, about.2 inches in thickness.

Space LARP System

The launch of NASA's SLS rocket is scheduled to take place at 1 am Eastern time on Wednesday, and will allow the capsule to travel on to the Moon and back.

The upcoming launch window remains to be seen. If the rocket is ready for launch, NASA's teams are going to meet today.

The weather looks good for a Wednesday launch.

Sarafin told reporters that he was good to go for the try on the 16th.

The team is moving in the same direction. We have some work to do.

Engineers are assessing the damage before Artemis launches.