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When she entered the sports business world, she didn't know what her ceiling was because there weren't many examples of women who went her way.

She had no limits.

O'Connor was promoted to president of business operations on Monday, making her the first woman to serve as both president and general manager of a major sports team. Two years after hiring Kim Ng as their general manager, the Marlins made another significant move.

O'Connor said she likes young girls to see her in her role because she didn't feel like she had that role model. I want people to know that it's possible when they see me.

The Marlins have promoted Caroline O'Connor to president of business operations, making them the first U.S. major sports franchise to have women serving simultaneously as president and general manager. The Marlins hired Kim Ng as GM in November 2020. AP

Catie Griggs is the only other woman to serve as president of a baseball team. O'Connor joined the team as a senior vice president and chief of staff before becoming the team's COO in 2019.

O'Connor runs the off- field business.

Bruce Sherman, chairman and principal owner of the Marlins, said that they are fortunate to have someone with the vision and business know-how to lead their day to day operations. Her passion and drive for success is unparalleled. Her leadership will continue to guide the organization towards our goal of sustained success while she works to grow our business and enhance our brand recognition.

The path O'Connor took to this spot was not intentional. She was a high school athlete in New Jersey who played basketball, tennis, soccer and softball and went to college to study computers and finance.

She worked for some of the world's most powerful financial institutions. She didn't think about a career in sports.

And then he contacted us.

O'Connor said it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Since then, she's been with the team.

For the past 20 years, Miami has been trying to turn things around. Jeter was part of the ownership group that took over, but two of his more significant hires are now tasked with completing the job.

O'Connor has seen change. There was a 12% increase in attendance this past season compared to the previous one, but there is still a long way to go before Miami gets the crowds it is seeking.

O'Connor has been responsible for the growth of season ticket sales. The World Baseball Classic will come to Miami for all three rounds in March, and the Marlins are aware of the large crowds that will attend. O'Connor wants to get those people to return to the club.

She thinks it's a special place. If we didn't feel so strongly about this market, we wouldn't be so excited to come in every day. I think we have a lot of people in this market that love sports, entertainment, and getting together. It's just trying to make an experience that people will like.

O'Connor is aware of the growing role of women in baseball leadership. Laura Day is Minnesota's executive vice president and chief business officer, as well as being the Rangers' executive vice president and CFO.

Griggs said earlier this year on a panel at Seattle University that he's had a lot of support from a lot of different people. I have not been able to see many people who look like me doing the things that I do. I do not have many role models.

O'Connor does the same thing. She doesn't mind being called ablazer. She knows that her success may make it easier for women to follow her, because she just goes about all the details of her job.

It took a real community to get behind me. The team that I work with today, the team that supports me every day, I feel like this is a reflection on all of them. I think about all the people that helped me get the title.