Tiffany & Company shared a sleek black-and-white video with a pop star in it. 1.6 million people saw the jewelry ad on the photo sharing site.

Tiffany posted a different video on TikTok. The ad showed the social media personality talking to viewers from a bathroom and then trying on trinkets at a Tiffany store. More than 5 million people have watched it.

The app has built itself into a digital advertising powerhouse, selling access to its growing internet foothold to brands and developing products that make it easier to advertise on the platform.

According to estimates from the research company Insider Intelligence, TikTok is on track to make more than $10 billion in ad revenue this year. Although its business is small compared with other companies, TikTok is expected to make more money this year than its competitors.

The growth of TikTok is unaffected by the global economic downturn. The slow down has hurt several companies. TikTok seems to be compounding its competitors troubles by stealing business.

TikTok is a very large and sophisticated competitor. Last month, YouTube reported its first decline in ad revenue in at least three years, and recently began placing ads in shorts. Meta's chief executive named TikTok as a competitor at least five times on an earnings call in February.

There are many concerns about TikTok and its Chinese owners. The app seems to have reach and cultural cachet, particularly among young adults, which is why companies continue to flock to it.

According to Sensor Tower, TikTok users spend an average of 96 minutes a day on the app, five times more than what they spend on other social media sites.

TikTok is consuming food. Rich said that the only thing that matters in the world of entertainment is time spent. If you have less time spent because of TikTok, that is bad for your business.

Executives were not made available for interviews. It says it's building for the future of entertainment and advertising.

TikTok is trying to ramp up its ads business. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok has ads that look like any other full-screen video on the platform, so they aren't immediately visible as ads. The app has made ads more natural. "Don't make ads, make TikToks."

ImageThe #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag, which TikTok has promoted, has more than 28.6 billion views.
The #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag, which TikTok has promoted, has more than 28.6 billion views.Credit...TikTok
The #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag, which TikTok has promoted, has more than 28.6 billion views.

The #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt was promoted by TikTok as a way to improve engagement. It branched into search ads and integrated e- commerce capabilities. New features for placing ads and connecting with creators were unveiled at the second TikTok World event.

At the world's largest advertising event, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, it made its debut this year. Representatives gave out advice at industry conferences.

As televised marquee events and must-watch shows decline, brands are hoping to supplement views of their ads through TikTok.

She said that they want to understand if TikTok could be the water cooler of the future.

The brands have taken advantage of it. Nerf has a Chief TikTok officer. SlimJim has a strategy of commenting on as many TikTok videos as possible.

The ads on TikTok seem to work. Swet Tailor posted a TikTok video last year that showed a shirt being thrown onto a man. The video was viewed 5,000 times, more than any other video posted by the company.

Swet Tailor usually sells 5 percent of its inventory for the shirt, but in two weeks it sold 35 percent. Adam Bolden, the clothing brand's chief executive, said that Facebook andInstagram ads "barely moved the needle"

Swet Tailor currently spends 15 percent of its budget on TikTok, but wants to increase it to 50 percent because of the platform's success at getting viewers to buy stuff.

There is a lot of market traction lost by Facebook andInstagram. Video is becoming very important if not compulsory.

Businesses are doing the same thing. Since the beginning of the year, Triple Whale's clients have spent more than 100 million dollars on advertising on TikTok, a 443 percent increase over the previous year.

It is not always easy to advertise on TikTok. To cite a meme frequently seen on the platform, a middle-aged, skateboard-carrying Steve Buscemi saying, "How do you do, fellow kids?" is part of the reason.

Some brands have trouble learning the language of TikTok. Commenters don't like to let brands know when their videos are bad.

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson collaborated with Subway on a video to promote a sandwich. The comments were mean. One person asked whatRuss was. One commented, "This haunts my dreams."

Subway said in a statement that it removed the Dangerwich in August to make room for other options, but it was restored this month. There are no plans to revisit the campaign at this time.

Advertisers are hesitant about TikTok due to other reasons. The platform has not escaped scrutiny by the Trump and Biden administrations, which have expressed concern about the company's Chinese ownership and its handling of data security. If an American company partially controlled it, the Trump administration tried to ban it. A preliminary agreement has been drafted by the Biden administration.

Marketing executives are concerned about TikTok's issues with moderation. There is a lot of misinformation in the app about politics, health and the war in Ukranian.

Increasing anti-TikTok sentiment among media executives and renewed calls by government officials to ban the platform are causing some advertisers to be more cautious.

Some advertisers worry that they aren't getting what they paid for on TikTok. Concerns about sham accounts confusing companies about the success of their marketing were amplified this summer when Musk accusedTwitter of failing to give authentic data about the number of fake accounts. In September, 7 percent of TikTok's app traffic was invalid.

The spokeswoman said that TikTok has partnerships with advertising technology companies.

The burrito chain held an ad campaign to promote its products. Through February 2020, the #boorito received over 3 billion views. Chris Brandt, Chipotle's chief marketing officer, said that the company uses more than just TikTok to evaluate the success of its campaigns.

He said that TikTok can produce some amazing numbers. We take them all with a small amount of salt.