100-Year-Old Man Celebrates Birthday At Dallas Strip Club The Lodge

A father in Texas has a daughter who really loves him, and she took him to see some strippers to celebrate a century on Earth.

Dina took her dad to a Dallas gentlemen's club to celebrate his 100th trip around the Sun.

Jack's daughter says that a strip joint was the perfect place for him to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Dina says her dad was like a kid in a candy store when he showed up at The Lodge.

Jack's daughter thinks he should enjoy it while he can because he only gets one life.

It sounded like it was a two-way street.

It is funny. Jack got a little out of hand when Dina told him to be careful.

Stars Makin' It Rain!

Jack's wife died 12 years ago and he had been seeing another woman ever since.

Jack's welcome is always given by the people who own the club.

Taking notes is a requirement for daughters.