Democrats in the House have talked about voting to instate former President Donald Trump as Speaker if Republicans take control of the chamber.

During a Sunday appearance on "Face the Nation" with Margaret Brennan, Raskin said pro-Trump Republicans want to get rid of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and try to vote in Trump as his replacement. Some people have opposed voting McCarthy into Speakership.

They could vote for Trump when they take the roll call for speaker. Because the Speaker of the House doesn't have to be a member of the House, the hard right Freedom Caucus people are looking for another candidate and Donald Trump is one of the possible candidates. They are discussing putting Trump there.

Brennan said it was not an option to make Trump the Speaker.

They talk about it many times. It would be a huge problem for the party if Trump decided to do it.

The idea of voting Trump in as Speaker has been floating around since last year.

Gaetz promised a crowd that he would nominate Trump to the House Speaker position in 2022, following the elections. He told reporters that he spoke to Trump about it.

After it was proposed to him in an interview, Trump expressed fleeting interest, but his previous spokesman told reporters that Trump had no desire to be Speaker of the House.

Trump is expected to make an announcement on Tuesday.

The Speaker of the House doesn't have to be an incumbent member in order to vote for candidates from outside the house. The former congressman voted for Biden as Speaker.

There have never been enough votes from House members for an outside candidate to become Speaker, and Trump has begun losing support among his party after many candidates he endorsed struggled to win their elections.

Multiple Republicans, like his former Chief of Staff MarkMeadows and former adviser SteveBannon, have supported the idea of House Speaker Trump, despite the fact that talk of him leading the House has become more popular over the years.

Representatives for Trump and Gaetz didn't reply immediately.