Is a cruise ship with wi-fi? Internet access on cruise ships is not as good as you might think. It is possible to stay in touch with family and friends while you are on a cruise ship. You will need to adjust your expectations if you think the connection will be like a hotel. Cruise lines are trying to change that.

Satellites are used for internet connections on ships. Where you are in the world and the weather are some of the factors that affect the strength of the connection. Public spaces near the center of the ship are more likely to have better internet access than other places.

New technologies are making internet access more reliable and less expensive. The Royal Caribbean Group will use the Starlink satellite network, which has download speeds of 50 Mbps to 250 Mbps and upload speeds of 10 to 20 Mbps.

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I will give an overview of internet offerings on cruise ships, as well as a line by line look at the plans and pricing available on your next cruise vacation.

What types of Wi-Fi plans do cruise lines offer?

Larger mainstream cruise lines usually have several plans available for purchase, with the cheaper plans only supporting email and texting and the pricier plans allowing streaming and wi-fi calling. If you need a faster connection, you can upgrade to a free basic plan.

Consider how much time you will be online, how many devices you need to connect, and how much speed you need. If you only want to check emails or send texts, you don't need to pay more for an upgrade. If you only log in to one device at a time, most cruise lines will allow you to use a single device plan.

You don't need a cruise ship wi-fi plan to use the free services on a cruise line's app.

There are five things to know about internet use on a cruise ship.

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Pro tips for using cruise ship Wi-Fi


Basic wi-fi is included in some promotions and deals. If you can't get internet on a cruise ship, you should buy a package before you go. The daily rate is usually a better deal than buying a package for the entire cruise.

It is advisable to keep your phone on airplane mode when you are on the ship. You don't know that satellite roaming fees are higher than you think.

Is it possible to use your cellphone on a cruise ship?

Before you go on your cruise, download apps, movies and music. If the onboard internet is slow on a sea day, you will be prepared to catch up on your favorite shows or listen to your favorite songs at the gym.

Net Spot is a network analyzer that can be used to find the strongest signal on the ship.

If you don't need to stay connected while on board, you can find a restaurant, bar or mall that has free wi-fi. Ask crew members on the ship about the best places to get free wi-fi. You can use apps that show you the locations of nearby hot spots.

How can I get wi-fi on a cruise ship?

If you are having trouble uploading photos on a sea day, wait until people are off the ship in port to try again. It's a good time to find fast connections when people are asleep.

Line-by-line guide to cruise ship internet access

We have compiled a list of the available wi-fi plans and prices for each of the major cruise lines so that you can make an informed decision about your next cruise. Unless otherwise stated, most prices are per person, per day for the duration of the cruise, and for one device. Cruise lines can update pricing and plans at any time, so here is an overview of what to expect.


Price: Starting at $19.95 per day

AT&T and Wireless Maritime service provide internet access to Azamara. Guests on board the line's ships can either use one of their own devices to access the internet or log in at one of the Touch workstations.

During the first two days of the voyage, guests will need access to the internet in order to pay for a pre-paid package. The plans can only be used for one device at a time. One hour of usage is included in the price of a pre-paid option. There is a one-day pass available. Within 24 hours of purchase, the daily sessions will be over.

The cost for a full voyage unlimited package is $19.95 a day. Guests will be charged for the full length of the voyage after this plan is purchased.

Benefits and perks for internet options are given to members of the loyalty rewards program. Members who book a suite can combine their loyalty and suite minutes. There are perks of membership that include a 5% savings, 30 free wi-fi minutes, and a 20% discount on a full voyage unlimited package. If you're a Discoverer Platinum member, you'll get a full voyage unlimited package, no matter the category of stateroom or length of the voyage.

Carnival Cruise Line

Price: Starting at $10.20 per day

Guests can choose from three different plans via the line's satellite providers.

Access to the most popular social media apps is provided by the social wi-fi plan. If purchased before the cruise, prices start at $10.20. The purchase price is on board.

The value wi-fi plan includes the social plan features and allows guests to send and receive emails.

The Premium plan is three times faster than the Value plan. Guests will be able to place video calls at a cost of $17 per day.

You can buy a single pass for either the Value or Premium plan.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Solstice sails from Cabo San Lucas. CELEBRITY CRUISES

Price: Starting at $19.99 per day

The newest Celebrity Cruises ship, Celebrity Beyond, uses Starlink as a provider for internet service, and the line is in the process of installing this service fleet wide.

For cabins booked as cruise-only fares, ranging from inside staterooms to Concierge class, guests can purchase their own wi-fi for $19.99 per day, per device for a Basic plan, which allows them to browse the web, send and receive emails and text. The Premium plan adds live streaming, video chats and more for an additional fee. There is a 10% savings when it is booked prior to the cruise.

If guests choose the all-inclusive cruise price, they'll get a Classic Drinks Package with non- alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Basic wi-fi is included in the fare for AquaClass cabins and suites in The Retreat. If you have basic wi-fi included in your cruise fare, you can upgrade to the premium package for a fee.

The Captain's Club membership includes perks such as 10% off a package for Classic-level members and a complimentary premium package for guests of the zenith level.

The internet on Celebrity ships is slow. We tested it.

Cunard Line

Price: Starting at $15 per day

The hardware, software and access points across the fleet have been upgraded. You can purchase the upgraded plans on the ship by logging onto the ship's wi-fi and using the My Voyage app.

If you buy the plan on a day-by-day basis, it will cost you $15 per day for the whole voyage. You can use this option to browse the internet, send and receive emails, listen to music, and stay connected to social media platforms.

The Premium Internet plan has a faster connection speed than the Essential plan. This option costs $30 per day or $20 per day for the entire voyage.

The plans can be purchased at any time during your sailing, and they are priced for one device at a time. You can buy an additional plan with a 10% discount if you want to connect to the internet using two devices at the same time.

If you are a member of the Cunard World Club, you can get credit for internet on the ships.

Disney Cruise Line


Price: Starting at $10 per day

Depending on the ship you are on, Disney Cruise Line offers different internet plans. After boarding your ship, you can access the DCL-GUEST wi-fi network.

Guests at Disney Magic in Europe can choose from three different packages starting at $10 per day. This option will allow you to post photos and send text messages on social media sites.

The Basic Surf plan includes the ability to surf the internet and send and receive emails, as well as the benefits of the lower-priced plan. Premium Surf has the fastest connection speed at $30 per day. Guests will be able to view short-form videos on sites like TikTok and YouTube, as well as access to emails, web surfing and more.

Video streaming is not supported by any of the packages. There is a discounted price for up to four devices.

Guests can purchase packages by the megabyte with either a pay-as-you-go option or a small package for $19. The prices go down the more you buy. There are additional charges for sending emails.

Holland America Line

Price: Starting at $14.99 per day

Holland America uses Starlink, a supplemental bandwidth source, to enhance its guests and crew internet access. The Social plan provides access to most social media websites and applications for a fee.

Surf is the most popular option at $24.99 per day, per device, and allows you to search the web and send and receive emails.

Streaming and audio/ video calling are included in the Premium package. You can get additional plans for up to four devices.

The Have It All Premium Cruise Package is an economical way to get internet access, a signature beverage package, specialty dining, and a credit for shore excursions. The package is available on most sailings.

A $30 credit is given to Holland America's 5-star guests. 5,000 minutes of complimentary internet access are included in the early booking benefits for grand voyages.

MSC Cruises


Price: Starting at $10.39 per day

SES O3b and Marlink are the internet service providers for the cruise ship. The line claims to constantly upgrade bandwidth to increase speeds. Current U.S. rates have been included in the prices for internet plans.

unlimited data, 24 hour internet access, chat and texts, and the ability to post photos are included in the package. The price is $10.39 per device.

The package includes the ability to video chat, stream music and movies, and post on social media. The price is based on the number of devices per day. When buying a plan for multiple devices, the per-device price goes down. If you want to switch from one device to another on the same plan, you need to sign in to your plan for the first time.

Guests can save up to 20% on wi-fi packages if they book online before their trip. The club gives discounts on internet packages. There is a package for two devices for guests at the yacht club. The package can be upgraded for an additional fee.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Price: Starting at $12.50 per day

The Norwegian Cruise Line has a basic internet plan that includes unlimited social media access. The price is $12.50 per day per device. There will be a reduced price per day for cruises that are 13 days or longer.

The cruise line offers unlimited wi-fi. If you buy the plan on the ship, it will cost you 29.9% more for one device. This option does not provide access to TikTok. The free at sea promotional cruise fare includes the unlimited wi-fi package for one device, as well as the other plans. For two or up to four devices, you can get a discounted package.

The package costs $34.99 per day. The plan would include streaming on a number of websites. There is a discounted price for up to four devices.

250 minutes of wi-fi access can be purchased for $105. There is only one device that can be used at a time.

If an internet package is included as part of NCL's Free At Sea promotion, guests can upgrade their package before they board the ship. If you're a member of the Latitudes rewards program, you'll get a discount of up to 25% on wi-fi packages. There is a discount at the Platinum level.

You can rent a laptop on the ship or use one of the workstations in the internet cafe. The onboard cafes can be used with any internet package.

Oceania Cruises

Price: Complimentary to $9.99 per day

All cruise fares can be accessed via Wavenet wi-fi. Wavenet has access speeds of 1 Mbps or less. Guests can log on to the internet in their rooms on the ship. If they don't have their own device, they can use the computers at the internet center on their ships.

Each cabin has one login that can be used on one device. Plans that include access for additional devices can be purchased on the ship, and an upgrade to streaming services for movies or music is available for a fee.

Princess Cruises


Price: Starting at $9.99 per day

Princess Cruises claims that it has the fastest wi-fi at sea with download speeds of over 12 Mbps and upload speeds of over 2 Mbps. Carnival Corporation and Princess achieved this speed by working with SES.

You can use this internet access to check email, chat, surf the internet, see their kids and pets, post photos, and listen to music with speeds similar to what you would have at home.

You can purchase Princess' one-device package through the MedallionClass app before you go on your cruise. There is a discounted price for up to four devices. Platinum and Elite members of Princess Cruises get a 50% discount on plans that will show up as onboard credits.

Guests can purchase either a bundled Princess Plus or Princess Premier package, which are priced at about 50% savings of the overall value when purchased pre-cruise through the Medallion Class app. A beverage package with alcoholic drinks up to $12 each is included in Princess Plus. The cost for a day is $50.

Guests will receive the premier beverage package with drinks up to $18 each, a chance to win prizes like a free onboard wine tasting, two evenings of specialty dining, and a photo package, as well as crew appreciation, two nights of specialty dining, and a chance to win prizes like a free The package costs $75 a day.

You can share the wi-fi availability with other passengers in the cabin that don't have princess premier.

Regent Seven Seas

Price: Complimentary to $9.99 per day

Regent Seven Seas Cruises provides free internet access throughout its fleet. You will have access to most of the suites on the ships, but you won't be able to use applications that use a lot of bandwidth

Each suite has a single login that can be used with one device at a time. Guests in Concierge Suites and higher can receive up to four logins per suite.

Guests can pay for a higher-bandwidth plan if they want to stream.

Royal Caribbean


Price: Starting at $14.99 per day

Royal Caribbean claims its VOOM internet is the fastest internet at sea, with speeds six times faster than other cruise ships. The Royal Caribbean Group is in the process of implementing the technology.

Guests can use Royal Caribbean's basic Surf plan to search the internet, send emails and post photos on social media. One-day passes for one device start at $24.99 and unlimited voyage packages start at $14.99 per day.

The Surf + Stream package allows passengers to surf the internet, stay in touch via email, post photos, and stream music and movies while on the ship. One-day passes and unlimited voyage packages are included in the plan.

The Surf and Surf + Stream packages have discounted pricing on them.

A 10% discount for Gold level members is one of the special discounts offered by the Crown and Anchor Society. Guests in the Star and Sky Royal Suite will be able to use VOOM on one device.

The internet on Royal Caribbean ships is slow. We tested it.


Price: Complimentary to $19.95 per day

The internet is free for guests on the ships of Seabourn. unlimited access on one device per person is provided by the complimentary surf wi-fi package General web browsing, email access and posting to social media accounts are included.

If passengers need faster speeds and more bandwidth, the Stream wi-fi package is an upgraded option that allows up to four devices. The Stream plan is free for Diamond level members of the club and guests booked in the premium suites. There is a charge of $19.95 per day for passengers in other suites.

Silversea Cruises

Silver Origin in Punta Vicente Roca, Isabela Island, Western Galapagos Islands. LUCIA GRIGGI/SILVERSEA

Price: Complimentary to $29 per day

Standard internet access is free on Silversea Cruises' classic ocean-going vessels, while premium internet access is free for guests in the owner's suite. The level of internet access on the expedition ships is determined by the suite category, with the exception of Silver Origin, which has free standard wi-fi for all guests. Premium internet access is free for guests on Silversea's full World Cruises.

With both types of internet access, the complimentary wi-fi is unlimited on all voyages.

If guests want to upgrade to a premium plan, the price is $29 per day. $20 is the cost of an extra device on the standard plan.

The upgraded internet is expected to be installed across the fleet by the end of March 2023.


Price: Complimentary

All of Viking's ships have free wi-fi. Guests can use one of the ship's computers in the Business Center, or they can use a personal device such as a phone or laptop. VSAT is one of the best solutions for internet access on an ocean cruise, according to Viking. Variables in speed can be provided by V SAT.

Free internet access is available on the expedition ships and river ships of Viking. The internet service is limited throughout the region so the best option is to use the public computers on the ship. Guests are asked to limit large uploads, downloads and streaming in order to make it easier for everyone on the sailing to use the internet.

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