Two halves of a B-17 fall to ground and explode in fireball.

An image from a cellphone shows two halves of a B17G 'Texas Raiders' spinning to the ground.

Video capture from cellphone.

TheCAF is a major collector of vintage aircraft. The Wings over Dallas airshow is held each year on Veterans Day weekend to show off their remarkable fleet of World War II warplanes.

There was a horrible tragedy at the Dallas Executive Airport on Saturday. The pilot of a single-engine P 63 Kingcobra fighter missed a turn and slammed into the back of a four-engine B17G Flying Fortress bomber, severing its rear fuselage.

In less than a second, the P-63 and the B17 plummeted to the ground and exploded in a fireball.

The plane was too low for the crew to have enough time to bail out. The crew from the Gulf Coast Wing, as well as the pilot of the P-63, were believed to be on the B17 when it exploded.

The highway was closed due to a fire caused by debris. There were no reports of people dying on the ground.

The National Transportation Safety Bureau took over the investigation and the Dallas Police Department supported it.

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As more information comes to light, this article will be changed.

This is about the aircraft.

In both the Pacific and European theaters, the B17 Flying Fortress is used as a strategic bomber but also as a transport and even as a remote-control drones. There is a gun turret under the aircraft's chin. The Texas Raiders are one of only five B17Gs that are flying.

USAF Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress named

The Texas Raiders are taking-off through a cloud of black smoke. The picture was taken by the Universal Images Group.

Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Texas Raiders was fitted with a radar in her bomb bay to test early warning radar technology as part of a program called Cadillac II.

She was bought by a private company after retiring. The old bomber's Gulf Coast Wing was transferred to theCAF in 1974.

USAF Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress named

The flying display at the 1997 Confederate- Air-Force Airshow was named "Texas Raiders". The picture was taken by the Universal Images Group.

Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The P-63 Kingcobra is a heavily evolved version of the sleek but flawed P-39 Aerocobra fighter that was exported to Russia and used by the U.S. Army Air Force.

Airplane WWII P-63 King Cobra aircraft on the runway

August 19, 2017). There is an airshow in Los Angeles. There are two days of vintage aircraft flying in the airshow.


The P-39 developed a negative reputation with the USAAF due to its poor high altitude performance, which resulted in the improvement of the P-63. The Aerocobra was a big fan of the Soviet Union's air force, which accepted 2,400 P 63s for combat use.