Samsung Slidable Oled Display

(Image credit: Samsung Display)
  • Samsung is likely uninterested in making commercial rollable phones soon, an analyst predicts.
  • Given the perceived limitations of rollable phones, Samsung is said to focus only on its foldable phones.
  • The analyst further implies that foldable screens are more feasible than slidable/rollable displays.

The slideable phones may be put on the back burner by the company.

The foldable phones that it already makes were not the only display technologies displayed by the company. The Flex S and Flex G are foldable displays. Flex Slidable is a concept in which the display rolls out to extend the screen size.

The concept is similar to devices such as OPPO X 2021. Yi Choong-hoon, CEO and top analyst of UBI Research, said at a conference that SAMSUNG is not interested in making phones that are slidable or rollable.

There is a market for foldable phones. It will be hard for slidable phones to make their own market.


According to Choong-hoon, the focus of the company will be foldable devices. In order to make foldable devices better year after year, we need to invest resources and R&D. Rollable phones have some limitations that are different from foldable ones, according to the analyst.

The polyamide film protects the slideable display from being damaged. The display's surface can be affected by this. Wide-screen phones can't function on rollable devices.

Over the years, users have become accustomed to using foldable phones from other companies, such as OPPO, as well as from other companies such as SAMSUNG. According to the analyst, foldable screens are more feasible than sliding displays.

Yi said that folding phones may feel more complicated for consumers who are familiar with them. The slideable display isn't likely to be used for laptops. The entry barrier for tablets is lower than for other devices.

The rollable phone was shown next to a laptop at the Tech World. In both cases, the rollable screen extends out vertically, as seen in the previous concepts from other manufacturers.

Other rollable phones like OPPO X 2021 are yet to differentiate themselves from the other rollable phones. The Mi Alpha R is a similar concept to others. The analyst doesn't think there's any chance of such competition catching up with SAMSUNG.

There is an unparalleled competitiveness to the patents and production know-how of the company. It will be difficult for Chinese rivals to compete.

Chinese phone makers could try to differentiate themselves by launching slidable phones. The market potential appears limited.