British Airways introduced an all-new business class product in the middle of the year, which is a huge improvement over their previous product. When new business class seats are introduced, the challenge is actually getting a plane with those seats.

The new product has been delayed because of the Pandemic. I wanted to take a look at the current state of British Airways club suites.

What are British Airways Club Suites?

The new business class product is called Club Suites. British Airways chose a modified version of the reverse herringbone seats in the cabin. Each passenger is given a fully flat bed, aisle access, and a privacy door.

This is one of the best seats you can find. British Airways Club Suites is reviewed here.

New British Airways Club Suites business class

The most exciting aspect of this product is how much better it is than the old Club World class. British Airways used to have a business class product that had six to eight seats per row.

Old British Airways Club World business class

The seat map can be used to determine if your flight will feature Club Suites. If you are flying a wide body British Airways jet and the seat map shows four seats per row in business class, then you will have Club Suites. It doesn't feature the new business class if it shows more rows than that.

It is important to remember that last minute aircraft swaps can happen, especially for routes that don't have full product consistency.

Which planes have British Airways Club Suites?

British Airways said it would finish its Club Suites installation by 2025. The below graph was shared by the airline.

Old British Airways Club Suites rollout schedule

The current state of British Airways introducing Club Suites is quite different than it was back then.

All Airbus A350-1000s have Club Suites

The British Airways A350-1000s have Club Suites. The first plane to feature Club Suites has been delivered and all other planes have the same design. Most of these have been delivered, but a few will still be delivered by the end of the decade.

All British Airways A350s have Club Suites

All Boeing 787-10s have Club Suites

Club Suites are included in all British Airways Boeing 787-9s. The only other plane that has 100% consistency is the A350-1000. Only a few of the planes have been delivered so far, but you can expect the rest to join the fleet in the next couple of years.

Most Boeing 777-200ERs have Club Suites

This is a difficult area. Thirty-eight of British Airways' 43 Boeings are based at Heathrow Airport, while fifteen of them are based at Gatwick Airport. British Airways doesn't have any plans to change the jets.

The Club Suites are on 25 of the planes. In the coming months, the remaining three jets will be changed. The Heathrow fleet has a higher percentage of Club Suites than the overall fleet.

Most British Airways 777-200ERs have Club Suites

Most Boeing 777-300ERs have Club Suites

British Airways has Club Suites on nine of the airplanes. The new cabins are expected to be installed on the remaining planes by early next year.

No Boeing 787-8s have Club Suites

British Airways doesn't have Club Suites on any of its Boeing 787-9s. It's likely that these will be among the last planes to be changed, so they'll probably be done by the end of the 20th century.

No Boeing 787-9s have Club Suites

British Airways doesn't have Club Suites on any of its Boeing 787-9s. It's likely that these will be among the last planes to be changed, so they'll probably be done by the end of the 20th century. The 787-9s will be changed before the 887-9s.

No British Airways 787-9s have Club Suites

No Airbus A380s have Club Suites

The A380s were supposed to be retired by British Airways, but they have been brought back due to increased demand. The planes should be retired in the next few years.

Bottom line

British Airways has made good progress with rolling out its Club Suites business class product, though it is still a long way from offering this product consistently. You won't get Club Suites on the 787-9, A380, and the A350-1000, but you'll get Club Suites on the 777-200ER.

The Club Suites product is worth a look if you are a British Airways business class passenger.

What do you think about British Airways club suites schedule?