Lauren Boebert was in front of Adam Frisch by about 400 votes.

According to the Associated Press, Lauren Boebert is locked in a tight reelection race in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, trailing Democrat Adam Frisch by 64 ballots with 98% of votes counted.

The margin was just 64 votes on Thursday morning, after Boebert trailed by 62 votes on Wednesday night.

The two campaigns expressed optimism in conversations with The Hill, but noted that the race is far from over a day after polls closed in the state.

"We like where we are, we think we are in a really good place, we are waiting for what we think are the last batches of numbers that should work out okay for us, but I'm not going to."

Boebert has a path to victory, according to the spokesman.

The winner of the Colorado race is likely to be determined by outstanding votes in two counties that are important to the campaign.

According to the Times, the area that voted for President Biden in 2020 broke in favor of Frisch over Boebert, with more than 95 percent of the vote in. The county takes a long time to report votes, according to Frisch's spokesman.

The Frisch campaign is getting a boost from that last batches.

Frisch's campaign is confident that they can hold onto the seat despite the small lead.

Mesa County, which supported former President Trump in 2020, is being eyed by Boebert's operations. The area voted for Boebert over Frisch by a wide margin, with more than 95 percent of the vote in.

The incumbent gained 500 votes when a ballot drop took place in the county, according to The Hill.

He said that it would come down to a combination of voter turnout and same day votes.

If the final margin is less than half a percentage point, a recount is triggered.

Frisch opened with a big lead over Boebert on Election Day, drawing little attention to the national stage until then.

Boebert, a freshman lawmaker who has been lin ked to Qanon, has drawn headlines throughout her two years in congress for supporting Trump's election fraud claims and refusing to wear a mask on the House floor.

A shout out to my Dad who lives in her district and told me last month that Lauren Boebert could lose and I didn't believe him.

The campaigns on the ground said that the competition was always going to come down to the wire.

Frisch said that he could win over a coalition large enough to pick off Boebert.

Lauren Boebert received 51 percent of the vote in 2020, she did not win her home county, those that know her don't care for her, and more people know her now that she did before. If I could accumulate 10 percent of her prior voters and some amount of undervoting, Joe O'Dea would get more votes than Lauren Boebert in the same district.

The 3rd District in Colorado voted for Trump over Biden. The firebrand congresswoman defeated her opponent by a similar margin.

He said that if a pro-business, moderate Democrat could win the Democratic primary, he would build a coalition.

I'm surprised. He said no.

Boebert knew the race would be hard to win.

Frisch has advertised himself as a right-leaning individual throughout the cycle and we didn't think it was going to be a big deal.

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